"Working together for a free Cuba"




Official Press Release.

Cuban exile condemns European Union’s position regarding Cuba.

The organizations listed below want to present to the world-wide public opinion the following message:

The present Spanish administration heads the position of those who struggle in the Old Continent to reduce the sanctions against Havana, underhandedly trying to isolate those who want to maintain them. Apparently during the secret agreement made in Havana November 26 2004 between the government of Cuba and government of Spain, it was agreed between both parties that Cuba would release some of the hundreds of political prisoners and in return the Spanish government would present this as a test of good will by the Cuban dictatorship to the Committee of the Council for Latin America (COLAT)

This disguised and dishonest game already produced results between the members of the Committee of the Council for Latin America (COLAT) and perhaps are getting results among other corrupt representatives of some of the members of the European Union.

We do truly believe that no government needs more tests and elements, than forty-six years of a mono-partisan dictatorship, hundreds exterminated by the regime, hundreds of pacifist citizens jailed, an exile of more than two million Cubans and the endorsement that the very same Commission of Human Rights of the United Nations even offers, where from its core and for more than one consecutive decade condemns the Cuban dictatorship for its constants and repeated violations to the Human Rights.

The dictatorship in existence since 1959, late and after four decades the European Union took some small positive steps in favor of opening the necessary space for our dissidence and pacifist opposition, small compared with the size of the real cruelty implemented by the Cuban government. Although we had wanted more support and solidarity from the men and governments of good will, we accepted because our people suffer.

Now all the indicators point towards a shameful return of the European Union to their old positions of complicity with the dictatorship.

Few and manipulated liberations of political prisoners who never should have been imprisoned, is no sufficient reason to yield before a regime that publicly "releases" and behind the scenes retrieves more victims as it’s done from the beginning.

To ignore the right that our opposition has to participate in the democratic activities of its representations in the island is a right of freedom, if some European governments do not want to recognize that right and does not want to share with our opposition, it would be preferable that it closed his representation in our island.

We want to clarify to the world that we will condemn openly and with all our forces any change that the European Union makes in favor of the Cuban dictatorship and against our political prisoners, our freedom fighters, and our people.

We want to go on record that we will not remain with our arms crossed before the enemies of our freedom.

With God’s help, the accumulated sanity and political wisdom will reveal to the European governments that their position is on the side of the Cuban people and not of his old and discredited dictatorship.

Ing. César L. Alarcón
Presidente Movimiento Cubano Unidad Democrática.

Rigoberto Carceller
Coordinador General Plataforma Cuba Democracia Ya.

Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez
Secretario General Alpha 66

Ahmed Y. Martel
Director Net for Cuba International.

Cmte. Húber Matos B.
Secretario General de Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID)

Dr. Wilfredo Ventura
Director World Health Care International

January, 05 2005