"Working together for a free Cuba"




Cuban freedom fighters, published a Human Right Declaration at the International Headquarters of U.N.

City of New York, December 10, 2004

Today, on the anniversary of Human Rights Day, a group of Cubans representing several organizations and who plead for this cause, gathered at the International Headquarters of the United Nations to deliver the following declaration directed at the Secretary - General of the UN and Heads of State, for its execution and dissemination. The same declaration was delivered to corresponding civil employees at the Department of Human Rights of this institution.

The delegation also made pertinent transactions before this organization to direct an urgent sentence against the Government of Bahamas for the brutal acts committed recently in Nassau, against our Cuban brothers.

City of New York
December 10, 2004
(International Day of Human Rights)

Distinguished Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN

Distinguished Heads of State

Distinguished Representatives of Humanitarian Organizations:

On the 10th day of December 2004, a group of Cuban Freedom fighters, gathered at the Palace of the United Nations, City of New York, and proclaimed the following:

Today it is a very important day for those who love freedom and the right to life: today we commemorate a new anniversary of the restoration of the Universal Day of Human Rights.

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, established by the United Nations (the UN) on the 10 of December 1945, gathers in its articles what can be considered the fundamental, or divine, rights that each human being should enjoy without limitations.

Lamentably, there are governments that although signatory nations to this declaration, ignore the moral commitment that this implies. And in their eagerness to maintain their politics of hatred and absolute control, systematically promote violence, by applying cruel and degrading measures, in abominable acts of revenge and repression against the defenseless population. That is the case in Cuba, our dear mother country, where for more than forty-five years an infamous regime, that does not respect its citizens and violates their essential rights, has remained in power by force.

It’s no secret to anyone that the government of Cuba maintains hundreds of political prisoners in jails and concentration camps. They are jailed and freed at the regime’s will and at the convenience of the dictatorship, without any legal, just and respectable procedures. Similarly, the severity and prison treatment are set according to the interests of the regime. It is well known that there’s no limit to the mistreatment and torture, nor there exists established sanctions to determine the period of time that a person condemned for political discrepancies has to spend behind bars. Everything is subject to the capricious will of the tyrant who enslaves our nation.

In the international context, on several occasions the government of Cuba has been condemned by the UN’s Commission on Human Rights, as well as by the Organization of American States (O.A.S.). Many are governments, humanitarian institutions and non-governmental organizations that have also shown their disgust as energetic condemnation to the communist dictatorship of Cuba.

To consider that the United Nations symbolizes the yearnings of justice, freedom and prosperity, framed its fundamental function within genuinely representative systems of government, selected by multi-party elections, such as Cubans aspire, we trust its statutes and its democratic projection. At the same time we reiterate our unshakeable will to continue fighting relentlessly for the freedom of Cuba and because for each Cuban, independently of their political philosophy, religious vocation, race or any other personal condition, we respect their physical integrity and their human dignity.

Along with the admiration that today’s date inspires, we want to remind each head of the democratic countries that make up the UN, as well as our Secretary General, that in the case of Cuba the inspection visits by the Human Rights Special Inspector approved by majority voting in several meetings of the Commission on Human Rights, celebrated at the UN headquarters in Geneva, are still pending. Considering the reasons previously mentioned, we exhort you, honorable Mr. Kofi Annan, as well as each representative country of the UN, to take appropriate measures within this organization, in order to prevent continued violations of the condemning Human Rights resolutions, as is the case with Cuba, that systematically has refused to allow visits by the Human Rights Inspector.

We take the opportunity of this occasion to also remind you, finally, that our country continues to arrest and to arbitrarily apply sanctions; that Cuban political prisoners remain under a regiment of inhumane imprisonment, degrading and cruel, which constitute a flagrant violation of the historical concept contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


César L. Alarcón                            Angel L. Arguelles
President Cuban Movement              Ex-political Prisoner
For a Unified Democracy.

Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez                 Basilio Gúzman
Secretary General Alpha 66, and       Ex-political Prisoner
Director Plantados Until Freedom
And Democracy in Cuba

Eusebio Peñalver                          Roberto Perdomo Díaz
Presidente Unidadm Cubana, and       Ex-political Prisoner
Director Plantados Until Freedom
and Democracy in Cuba