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Urgent, hunger strike in the Nassau Detention Center.
December 6, 2004

Today, December 6, 2004, at 3:30 pm, we received a telephone
call from Jorge Luis Conde Morales, one of the members of the
Democratic Party November 30 "Frank País", retained at the
Center for Refugees in the Bahamas where he stated that as 4
in the afternoon of today's date all the Cubans at the camp
( 58 in total) began a hunger strike with the exception of
the two children also retained in the camp They are protesting
the abuse committed by the Bahamas Government by trying to subdue
them by torturing with hunger.

Conde Morales states their food intake had been progressively
reduced, to the point of giving them a piece of bread and some
tea for for breakfast today and that at 3 in the afternoon they
brought them what was to be their lunch-dinner, it consisted of
another piece of bread, on this occasion with fish. He further
states that this is the type of food they have been serving them
along with a bit of white corn meal, which they suspended today.

These actions forced the Cubans to start a hunger strike
for "not eat anything is similar to eat very little", states
Conde Morales. The general consensus in the camp is that the
Government of the Bahamas uses hunger as an instrument to make
them sign a repatriation letter "voluntarily", which we refuse
to sign under any circumstance"- finished saying Conde Morales.

The Committee for Assistance to Human Rights Activists asks the
civilized World to demand the Government of the First Prime
Minister Perry Christie to respect the International Refugee
Treaties and to provide proper food and the necessary medical
attention to the refugees at the Carmichael Detention Center in

Luis Israel Abreu
Executive Director of CAHRA
(m30november@hotmail.com )

Net For Cuba International call on the Community to write, call,
send faxes for the respect of the human rights of the Cubans
retained in Bahamas.


Ministro de Trabajo e Inmigración
The Honourable Vincent Peet
Minister of Labour and Immigration
East Hill Street
Post Office Building
Second Floor
PO Box N-3008
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: +1 242 325 1920

Tratamiento: Dear Minister / Sr. Ministro

Viceprimera Ministra y Ministra de Seguridad Nacional
The Honourable Cynthia Pratt
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for National Security
Ministry of National Security
Churchill Building
Bay Street
PO Box N-3217, Bahamas
Fax: +1 242 356 6087

Tratamiento: Dear Deputy Prime Minister / Sra. Viceprimera Ministra

Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores
The Honourable Fred Mitchell
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
East Hill Street
PO Box N-3746
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: +1 242 326 2123 o +1 242 328 8212

Tratamiento: Dear Minister / Sr. Ministro
Fiscal General y Ministro de Educación
The Hon. Alfred Sears
Attorney General and Minister of Education
Ministry of Justice and Office of the Attorney General
Post Office Building
PO Box N-3007
Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: +1 242 322 5921

Tratamiento: Dear Attorney General / Sr. Fiscal General
y a los representantes diplomáticos de Bahamas acreditados en su país

Carmichael Roadn Detention Center, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel.: 1 (242) 341-5223

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs and Public Services, Ministry of
mailto: mfabahamas@batelnet.org
242 - 322-7624/5
242 - 328-8212/326-2123
Godfrey Rolle, Commander, Drugs, Crime and Maritime Unit
Patricia Rodgers, Permanent Secretary
Marco Rolle, Under Secretary
East Hill St
P. O. Box N 3746
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Source: www.netforcuba.org