"Working together for a free Cuba"




Press release M.C.U.D.

M.C.U.D. International / To the international community; to organizations that champion human rights; to democratic organizations of the world; to all Cubans on the island as well as in exile.

With deep regret the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy sees it necessary to denounce to the world what so many have feared and hoped would not happen.

Once again in the history of the Spanish government they have arrogantly, disrespectfully, and premeditatively acted behind the backs of the international democratic community and worse yet again, against the Cuban people and its possible advancement toward Democracy.

The facts: since Mr. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero became the Spanish prime minister, by coincidence after the cunning attacks of March 11 in Madrid, our Cuban community has observed with care the political steps and moves that his administration has taken. The administration began by asking for a dialogue on behalf of the European Union to the Cuban dictatorship. The European government responded by saying that the first step should be made by the government of Cuba. Subsequently the Spanish ambassador during a reception at the diplomatic headquarters in Havana, indirectly and underhandedly offended Cuban freedom represented by the Cuban opposition on the island. Subsequently and in each international forum the government of the Mr. Zapatero tried to obscurely intercede in favor of the old dictator Fidel Castro.

Unexpectedly and by direct disposition of the dictator Castro this past Thursday, November 25th, his representative received the Spanish ambassador at the department of foreign affairs in Havana. There for more than an hour they secretly exchange experiences and strategies, of course all planned by the Cuban dictator himself, Fidel Castro. Note that no other European Union ambassador was invited to said event in Havana.

The Spanish Government requested of the Cuban government, at said meeting, that to be able to advance some in its agenda before the European community, the government of Havana should provide some samples of democracy, even if masquerading. With these false samples of democracy, they would work arduously to see that capital again flows toward Cuba. At the same time with the Spanish press publishing magnificent reports of Cuba’s advancements toward democracy, both governments would benefit. Zapatero as the great conciliator, Castro repressing and mistreating for many more years without European pressures.

As of yesterday Cuba has begun, as it has done for over forty-five years, the shameful business of “International Treatment of Cuban Political Prisoners” they will now free several of them, move others to different cells, and give medical treatment to others... all the while making sure that the international press has full and detailed knowledge and especially the Spanish press allied to Zapatero. What they will not bring to light to any press is that possibly for each prisoner freed the Cuban emperor will imprison two other new brave Cuban opponents, ones that he will have ready for new and premeditated exchanges.

The Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy condemns openly all practices be they diplomatic or not that go against the process of full liberty for the Cuban people.

The Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy, backed by history and experience, knows that those that have served to give time and space to the cruel and murderous dictatorship of Havana, criticizing every effective measure for the total asphyxiation of this dictatorship are directly or indirectly accomplices of Castro.

We repeat once more that governments, organizations, parties, and public figures that truly want what’s best for the Cuban people, should require in each tribunal the unconditional and immediate release of all of our political prisoners, immediate democratic and free elections, reunification of all Cubans so that they may participate in said process as a single unique and united people before the eyes of God.

Baltimore, Maryland. November, 28th 2004.