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Brutally beaten Mirta Villanueva Almeida, the Mother of former cuban political prisoner Camilo Pérez Villanueva.

Mrs. Mirta Villanueva Almeida, a 68 year old lady was brutally beaten in her own home.


Information Bridge Cuba Miami and Net for Cuba International denounce before the International Community a new crime perpetrated by the Cuban Regime, this time against a defenseless older woman in Havana, Cuba.

At 6 pm in the afternoon of November 3rd, 2004, Mrs. Mirta Villanueva Almeida, a 68 year old lady was brutally beaten in her own home by Luis Batista Tamayo, a former agent of the Cuban Interior Ministry. Mrs. Villanueva is the mother of the former Cuban political prisoner Camilo Pérez Villanueva, recently released from the prison Combinado del Este after serving a 12 year prison term. The details of this latest crime were revealed by the victim’s son, Mr. Perez, in an exclusive telephone conversation with the Information Bridge Cuba Miami and Net For Cuba International.

“As my mother was entering our home through the rear porch, she was physically attacked by Luis Batista Tamayo, a former member of the Cuban Interior Ministry, presently with (SEPSA) acronym for an organization that provides security and protection for the Cuban Government, the beating was so brutal that she was hospitalized for 4 days in the Fructuoso Rodríguez hospital, located in the Vedado municipality"- he pointed out.

“My mother is wearing a cast and has several lesions and other traumas. She has a fractured rib, pelvis, clavicle and one of her hips is also fractured."

“Regrettably –continues saying Mr. Villanueva - and according to common practices, the aggressor was released after 48 hours of the attack. Officer Despaine and the rest of the officers of the Fraternal Unit in Mantilla supported the release of the aggressor who was released unpunished for such brutal attack”.

"There is no doubt that this a case of physical abuse against an elderly human rights activist, perpetrated for her contestatary attitude against the Cuban regime".

“The communist dictatorship and their system of terror is responsible for whatever happens to my mother from this day forward. In fact, we accuse this very dictatorship and reiterate the "I Accuse" written by Mirta a few days ago"- finished saying Camilo.

Mirta Villanueva Almeida, 68 years old, is member of the National Directive of the Democratic Party November 30 "Frank País" and spokeswoman for the Meeting Directive National of the Democratic Party November 30 “Frank País” and spokesperson for the Mother's Committee “Leonor Perez.”

Net For Cuba International condemns these actions, and reminds the international community that this is a moment to demand the Cuban Government to cease all repression and abuses against the defenseless Cuban people.

For more Information, please contact Daisy Gil Ortiz, Director, Net For Cuba International and its affiliated project Puente Informativo Cuba Miami/Information Bridge Cuba Miami, at (786) 255-3356. E-mail: puenteinfocubamiami@yahoo.com

Source: www.NetforCuba.org