"Working together for a free Cuba"




Letter to the Chairman of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

October 31, 2004
Baltimore, MD

Senator Richard G. Lugar.
Chairman of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Dear Friend,

It has been only a few months since we had the opportunity to meet with you and your team at the offices of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations. Our meeting was very productive and it was developed in a diaphanous atmosphere.

We discussed with you Senator Lugar, the need for the Foreign Relations Committee to design a precise foreign policy towards the Republic of Cuba. A policy that must serve as a guide for the Government and its spokesman, the Department of State.

A policy well defined, without highs and lows and partisan shades, would be a good answer in the case of Cuba. We talked widely of the present situation of our political prisoners and of our people that deserve the respect of democrats and republicans; we commented that this policy must be separate from the political task of our community in this great country. Our society is not able to understand why there are variations in the political behavior and the actions taken towards Cuba depending on the administration in charge; When Cuba continues to be the same arbitrary government for more than forty-five years, the same government that does not have, and never will have, democratic elections, the same government that has not changed its strategy to export political instability to the world and especially to Latin America. And since the crisis of October it yearns to see democracy destroyed and especially the individual and collective freedom of this country without considering any administration.

Recently I had the opportunity to have a short meeting with the new director of the C.I.A. Mr. Porter Goss. In that short encounter I requested from him that from his new position he pay attention to the government of Cuba, its sophisticated biotechnology laboratories, its well-known passion to give arms and accessories to all enemies of this country, and its unconditional support to terrorist and known international delinquent groups, who find safe refuge on the island. I stated the same to our friend Senator Pat Roberts who directs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Intelligence Committee Chairman). It is extremely important that the intelligence agencies feed accurate and necessary information to the legislators; therefore the laws will be just and effective. To not see the high degree of influence by Cuba in the Governments of Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and even Mexico is to try to cover the sun with a finger. Cuba uses all its military, diplomatic and propagandistic apparatus to distort the truths and to ruin the image of this country. In other words, Cuba meddles openly in the internal matters of other countries in a decisive way to attack the credibility of this country.

Whenever we have an opportunity, we ask our friends to support and help us. We know, and experience has demonstrated that Fidel Castro protected by the treaty of non-aggression signed by this nation and the ex- Soviet Union feels safe, and in spite of maintaining a country hostage and committing the most atrocious murders and violations of Human rights, knows that he will never be attacked based on the previously mentioned treaty.

Recently the Secretary of State Colin Powell made alarming declarations in his journey to Brazil: "Fidel Castro is a problem for the Cuban people. I don’t view him as that much of a problem for the rest of the hemisphere. Certainly not the way he was when I was National Security Adviser- 15 years ago- when he really was”.

That the Secretary of State Colin Powell emits these unfortunate declarations, show two basic issues, one is the total ignorance of what Fidel Castro really is and the extent of his reach, and that there does not exist a clear and defined policy towards Cuba to which to become attached to from the legal point of view.

We do not ask the Government of the United States, or any other government of the world to invade Cuba. We only request that they fulfill the laws that are implemented and to maintain the same firm decisions on every occasion. We ask in the name of the imprisoned Cuban people to demonstrate good will exerting the international pressures that cases like this merit, where the dictatorship is evident and the Human rights violations are atrocious.

We observe with extreme sadness and misfortune as many politicians manipulate and use our vote, and leave our hard-working, honest and suffering community wrapped in miserable promises. The proof is that after eleven administrations full of promises for the Cubans, the same dictator remains in the Caribbean and nothing has changed. The only thing that changes and exponentially is our country, more and more impoverished, a people with less hope every day, less education and in total information isolation.

Our President promised our community that he would get the signals of radio and television to our country. Dear friend, Senator Dick G. Lugar, you and I know that as soon as the people of Cuba have access to real information and with it the truth, the days of the cruel dictatorship will be numbered. Then why not implement the agreements made in a country where supposedly the laws and agreements are fulfilled, "Commando Solo" does not yet fly, simply some political interest will not allow the Cuban people access to the truth and their freedom.

Dear friend Senator Richard G. Lugar, I formally request in the name of Freedom and Democracy that the people of Cuba deserve a Formal audience before the plenary session of the Committee of Foreign Relations. A meeting with a select group of honest and worthy Cubans, to engage in a dialog and to discuss frankly as friends the necessity for a constant and stable policy to follow with regards to our country; so that democrats as well as republicans can unite their efforts in the path to implement effective rules that drive Cuba towards the group of free and democratic nations of the world.

As always, my best wishes for you dear friend, Senator Richard G. Lugar.

Eng. César L. Alarcón.
President M.C.U.D.

C.C. Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr
Ranking Minority Member of the Foreign Relations Committee