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SOS for political prisoner "plantado* " in critical
condition at the Quivicán prison.

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(HABANA/CUBA/January 17/Puenteinfocubamiami.org) -
The life of the 50 years old political prisoner and
of conscience Carlos Miguel López Santos is in danger
for he is in a hunger strike since December 10, 2003
for after having completed his sentence prison
authorities refuse to release him from prison.

Iovany Aguilar Camejo stated in a telephone conversation
from Havana with Israel Abreu a member of November 30
Movement in New York, that López Santos who is an activist
of the Democratic Party November 30 "Frank País", has not
ingested any food in the last 38 days in protest, demanding
his freedom for in spite of having completed his sanction,
penal authorities refuse to release him. His relatives
are in anguish for health wise he is extremely critical.

López Santos was arrested on December of the year 2000,
and after remaining six months in prison without due
process; he was accused of the supposed crime of public
disorder and convicted to 6 months in jail. However,
after completing his sanction, he was taken to the Regla
Tribunal and again convicted and sentenced to 3 years
in prison. This time for the supposed crime of "being
dangerous" in spite of his good behavior while in prison.

The case of this activist is much more upsetting since
after having completed the two imposed sanctions, prison
officials refused to recognize the first 6 months he spent
imprisoned without due process. He is confined in a narrow
and dark punishment cell in the Quivicán Prison in Havana,
has lost more than 40 pounds and is very ill with strong
headaches and stomach of their normal weight and he/she
is suffering of sickness, strong headaches and stomach

The November 30 Movement, collateral in exile of the
Democratic Party November 30 "Frank País", calls to
all human rights organisms, governments of the World
and all freedom loving people to demand of the Cuban
Government the immediate release of Miguel López Santos
before he dies in jail without medical attention.

Reporting from Havana Iovany Aguilar Camejo, member of
the Democratic Party November 30 "Frank País". Given to
the Informative Bridge Cuba Miami on January 17, 2004.

*A "plantado" is a political prisoner who refuses to
participate in the government's reeducation or rehabilitation
programs and as a result garners a longer term or other
additional punishment. Sometimes plantados even refuse
to wear prisoners' uniforms and are confined to their
cells naked or in their underwear.

Source: www.netforcuba.org