"Working together for a free Cuba"




Open letter to Mr. President George W. Bush.

Baltimore, august 17 2004

Dear friend, President George W. Bush.

I’ve decided to write this open letter to you, because as the sincere men that we are, we are pleased to share the truths.

Dear friend, President George W. Bush, shortly after your inauguration into office, I had the honor of receiving your personal invitation, soliciting me to accepted the task of working with you as a Hispanic leader in the course of making America a better place for all of us. The piece that corresponds to us we try to fulfill it to the best of our ability every day.

To show and present the truth at the moment is a difficult task, we could say a task of titans, the radical left is against us, the majority of the radical press, written and televised, is against us, but what’s not against us are the minds of good men hoping to hear the truth needed to decide their vote and their government. As such, the important thing is to deliver the message of truth to the misinformed and confused minds.

In the case of the United States, although difficult, we still manage to get the necessary information. In the case of our unfortunate Cuban people, that is impossible. A cruel and already internationally well-known dictatorship, seated for more than forty-five years, turns that mission null. What dictatorships fear most, what the left fears most, is the normal flow of information because they know that at the moment that the truth is known, Freedom is desired and fought for.

The Cubans as well as the American people want to live in freedom. We want to free ourselves from our chains, but there are many factors that make this task impossible. During the Crisis of October, a time in which Castro had no doubts of launching the nuclear missiles against this nation, the two superpowers at that time, this great country and the former Soviet Union, subscribed a covenant of none aggression against Cuba. Castro was only an observer of that pact, but that agreement, like a blank check, left the door open for his exaggerations and for his well known boastings against the U.S., which have turned him, in the eyes of the misinformed, into the neighborhood bully. He knows that protected by that treaty the United States will never retaliate.

On the other hand, although the Soviet Union no longer exists, and Cuba never complies nor respects any international agreement, this country of laws and institutions has respected that agreement. It has deprived the exiled Cubans of their supreme right offered by God, and recognized by the “Carta Magna” of the Human Rights, the use of weapons for the sacred right to live in freedom. The almost two million Cubans exiled cannot organize ourselves and enter Cuba fighting, as this or any other country does to defend their security, their liberty, their democracy. We are condemned to a despairing wait. We are limited and condemned to fight in uneven forums, we are condemned to fight before some United Nations that favors and legitimizes the cruel Cuban dictatorship; we are forced to fight an uneven battle against Castro and his cronies.

Bitterly we accept that challenge. We did not come to this country that opened its arms to us to break its laws, we live in a democracy and under a lawful state, we can modify the laws and the regulations, and by using these instruments we have accomplished much. We hope that measures against the dictatorship are implemented; we wish for just laws for our community, we wish to be recognized as men that know and respect the game of Democracy.

The use of the transmission airship "Commando Solo" and to reinforce the transmissions of Radio and TV Martí, these are within the measures recommended by the Commission for a Free Cuba. The most effective ones, are those that will end once and for all
Castro’s monopoly of disinformation, and therefore the unscrupulous Cuban dictatorship. What are the reasons then are these agreements already approved are not yet fulfilled? Who is stopping this? Do they fear that Castro will dare to destroy "Comando Solo"?

No, Fidel Castro is a coward who hates his own people. Facts and actions have demonstrated this. A people living in misery and without future are his great feat. A ruffian like Castro that threatened to remove the Americans from the Naval Base of Guantánamo in 2000 and conveniently forgot about it, will be the same one who will also forget that "Commando Solo" is taking the signal of hope to the Cuban people. Castro will not demolish "Commando Solo". Castro again will attack those that he hates and despises most: his hostages. And in another one of his customary gigantic campaigns will gather from each Cuban home their radio and television sets. When the assault on the Moncada headquarters, Castro who studied and grew up in that area got lost, he appeared a few days later under the robe of a protective priest when his companions were dead or imprisoned.

Mr. President George W. Bush, it is time to fulfill your promises, we formally solicit you to order the implementation of the plan for the flight of "Commando Solo", accelerate the fall of the fateful regime in Havana, let us start the flow of information and with it to democracy and the truth.

Now many cards and pieces are in motion, because it is the election period in this country, but dear friend, Mr. President, the people of Cuba need freedom with republicans or democrats.

Dear friend, President George W. Bush, we wish you health and successes.

Eng. César L. Alarcón
MCUD President

Note: This letter that’s has been made public today, was previously sent to the White House via the corresponding channels.

Translated by Eng.Andres Perez.