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Information regarding worldwide religious services for the Cuban Memorial.

Reserve a religious service in your community for the victims of the Cuban Genocide TODAY!

The Cuban Memorial will take place in Miami next February 20, 21, 22, and 23. More than ten thousand crosses will be displayed at Tamiami Park in Coral Way and 107 Avenue. Each cross will bear the name of a person who has died as a direct result of Fidel Castro and his regime.

The organizing committee of the Cuban Memorial exhorts Cubans and friends of the Cuban cause for freedom to arrange religious services in their respective places of worship throughout the World. Please offer your religious service in the name of ‘The Victims of the Cuban Genocide under the Regime of Fidel Castro’.

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004 has been designated as the day for these services. On this day numerous places of worship of various denominations will join in a universal chorus of hymns and prayers to honor the Cuban Memorial and what it represents.

Once you have made the necessary arrangements with a place of worship in your community to observe this solemn occasion, please visit the Cuban Memorial website (www.cubanmemorial.org) and register the details of your respective religious service in the section titled ‘Misas y Servicios Religiosos’ http://www.memorialcubano.org/ServiciosReligiosos/forma001.htm

The religious services may be registered in your name, your family’s or an organization you may belong to. If you so desired, the name you register will be published as a sign of your support for the Cuban Memorial.

The complete list of names is available in the Cuban Memorial website in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Italian and Portuguese. http://www.memorialcubano.org/ListadelasVictimas.htm
You may print and distribute this list or parts of it, according to your resources, and take it with you to the religious service.

The Cuban Memorial organizing committee also recommends, if possible, the distribution of this list to local media outlets and persons or organizations who may be interested in denouncing the Cuban Genocide.

The offering of a religious service for the Victims of Fidel Castro’s regime is something most of us can do, regardless of where we live.

Make the decision and ask your place of worship to offer the February 22, 2004 services in the name of all those who have died in the name of freedom for Cuba.

Honor and Glory for the Cuban Memorial!

The Cuban Memorial Organizing Committee
Miami, Florida

Source: NetforCuba International