"Working together for a free Cuba"



Declaration from Net for Cuba International.

We, signatories of this declaration, Cubans living in Exile and Directors of NET FOR CUBA INTERNATIONAL, having read the new restrictions on Cuba, recently announced by the White House, unanimous agree as follows:


That in recent days, The Administration of the President of the United States George W. Bush publicly announced the implementation of new regulations, dedicated fundamentally to reduce the funds that the Castro regime uses to control and enslave the Cuban people as a whole.

That, the measures adopted by President Bush, corresponds to the historic position maintained by a great majority of our people inside the Island as well as in the "diáspora" ,for more than 40 years, to maintain and increase the economic sanctions against the Cuban dictatorship;

Therefore, each one of us understands, and is fully aware that for the past 45 years, Cuba has fallen victim of a destructive political, social and economic system; that not only has it stripped the Cuban people of all of their civil, political, and economic liberties recognized by the international community, but rather it has turned one of the most affluent and prosperous countries in Latin America, in one of the poorest and famished of the world;

That, we have watched with bewilderment and pain, Cubans in the exile community, openly oppose the above mentioned measures, not taking into consideration the fact that the fate of 12 million of human beings that deserve to flourish in a free society with rights, depend on the ousting of the Castro regime, to be able to fulfill their aspirations and dreams.

Also, we have read with indignation in “Granma” the Cuban Communist Party the official online newspaper their rhetorical position under the headline: "They reject Bush aggressions against Cuba, dated in Havana, June 19 the 2004, (http://www.granma.cu/espanol/2004/junio/sab19/aumenta.html) , the Cuban government assumed a position of concern for the unity of the Cuban family, when in fact that regime has always been that the only responsible party for the separation destruction and death of the Cuban family.

Therefore, in light of this article, we find ourselves in need of asking the Cuban government the following questions: When in 45 years of a totalitarian dictatorship, have you ever come forward, dictator Fidel Castro, as spokesperson of the interest of the Cuban family? When have you ever cared Sir, for a mother that has lost her son at sea trying to escape from your “beautiful paradise”, or for the father whose son was murdered by a firing squad, or was disappeared by you Sir? Have you felt no shame to stand in a public podium and pretend sympathize sentimentally with an exile community that for over four decades you constantly insult, condemn, and constantly deceive, labeled as :”terrorist mafia”, “worms”, “scum” and “anti-social”? Just to name a few. In one of your recent public appearances, you blatantly begged the exile community to send $100.00 per month to their relatives in Cuba, further stating that said amount would cover the basic necessities a human being need to survive such as food, personal toiletries, The basic necessities that your "triumphant Revolution" has never been able to provide for the Cuban people, but according to you, could be solved for
the people by those who you label “The Miami terrorist mafia”.

Since, we understand that dreams cannot come true without sacrifices, we exhort every Cuba of good will, in Cuba as well as abroad, to take conscience and to support every effort geared to resolve the basic problem of not only a 10, 15, or 20 percent of the people temporarily, but that resolves the basic problem of the Cuban Nation as a whole once and for all.

For all of the above mentioned, NET FOR CUBA INTERNATIONAL as an organization, supports, promotes encourages the new restrictions imposed on the Cuban Government and encourages any other regulation that may be deemed necessary for the purpose of accelerating the liberation process, true freedom, justice and prosperity for all the Cubans.

Ahmed Y. Martel, Lourdes Pagani, Daisy Ortiz, Karel Roberto

Note: For purposes of information, we include in our declaration the Measures promulgated by the Office of Control of Foreign Goods (OFAC, for their initials in English) of the Department of the Treasure that regulate the trips and the shipment of remittances to Cuba starting on June 30.

1. – United States residents that have family of direct descend in Cuba will be able to travel to Cuba once every three years and for a maximum stay of 14 days. He/she is defined as direct families descend to the parents, husbands, children, siblings and grandparents. He/she who is granted permission to travel must do so alone, no travel companion will be allowed.

For the Cubans that have arrived recently from the island, the three year period count starting from the date that they left the Island. For all the other the three year term will count from the date of their last visit to Cuba.

2. - Each traveler will be able to take $50.00 per day for expenses, and another $50.00 to pay, for one time, transportation fees in case he/she needs to travel to the interior of the Island.

3. – Travelers are prohibited to import from Cuba any product acquired in the Island, except informative material.

4. – Luggage is limited to 44 pounds per person.

5. - All the licenses granted to travel to Cuba, will expire June 30.

6. – The family remittances stay at $100.00 monthly but only to those who have residing in Cuba their parents, children, husbands, siblings and grandparents.

Remittances will not be authorized under any circumstances to certain members of the government and the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) that are defined, among others, as: ministers, vice ministers, members and employees of the National or Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power, local bosses of the Defense Committees of the Revolution (CDR), members of the Ministry of the Interior or the armed forces. Also, it is prohibited to send remittances to leaders of the Cuban Central Workers Union, in their national and provincial levels; directors; editors and sub editors of the official press, of the radio and television are excluded as well.

The prohibition affects in the same manner members of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, the Political Bureau, Chiefs of Departments of the Central Committee and their employees.

7. All general licenses that permitted professionals and those in the academic field to travel to Cuba for an investigation or event are cancelled, from now on they will have to request a specific license from OFAC.

8. All student trips remain limited to college and university levels, with a maximum limit of one year and a previous specific license. Only full time employees of the academic centers will be allowed to travel in such trips.

9. All trips paid in full by the Cuban government, its institutions and governments or institutions in third countries are eliminated.

10. It will be illegal to travel to Cuba from another country, using any airline or any other form of transportation in which the Cuban government benefits financially in any form.

Source: Netforcuba International