"Working together for a free Cuba"




Cuban prisoner of conscience Dr. Oscar E. Biscet and his family are being isolated, and subjected to mistreatment by the government in the island.
June 7, 2004.

My name is Elsa Morejon Hernandez, wife of Dr. Oscar E. Biscet. My husband is arbitrarily confined in a Cuban prison for defending the human rights of the Cuban people. The Cuban government is violating all rights he is entitled to according to the Cuban Penal System. My husband is isolated from his family and we are only able to communicate with him verbally every three months, during two hours. As a woman I feel I am mistreated since my human rights are also being violated. The Cuban government is continuously harassing me personally, by isolating me from the outside world so that I am unable to inform of the situation my husband is suffering.

We, Dr. Biscet’s family members, have told prison authorities that it is inhumane to keep my husband incarcerated in a maximum security prison serving a 25 year prison sentence, as it also inhumane to keep in jail the rest of the Cuban political prisoners. Regardless of the fact that Cuban authorities consider us mercenaries (a false accusation), our only desire is to live in freedom in our own country.

Dr. Biscet is confined in a maximum security prison 150 km. away from his home, in Destacamento #1, along with 100 or more common prisoners, sharing a cell with six delinquents. The prison food is poor and inadequate for a human being. The heat is unbearable, the water is contaminated and recreational time is insufficient.

We are denouncing this situation, requesting the world’s intercession on behalf of my husband whose present state of health is unknown to us. We have not spoken to him since our last prison visit on April 14, 2004. We also denounce the harassing phone calls we receive at home during the night with verbal insults, a violation of women’s rights. Sadly, these calls are supposedly made by individuals with masculine voices who call themselves men.

We wish to inform the world of these arbitrary violations the Cuban government commits against defenseless women. I make use of my right to speak, the only weapon I have to defend myself of these injustices perpetrated against Cuban citizens who oppose the Cuban regime.

Thank you very much,

Family members of Dr. Oscar E. Biscet

Elsa Morejón Hernández, RN
Acosta No.464 entre 8va y 9na, Lawton, Ciudad Habana, Cuba
Tel: + 53-7-991774

Urgent solidarity is needed from heads of states, leaders of political, civic, religious and professional organizations, the press, and all men and women of good will worldwide in demanding before the Cuban government the unconditional and immediate freedom of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and all those Cuban political prisoners whose only crime is to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in their own country.

Courtesy: Testimony obtained via telephone from Cuba. Recorded and transcribed by the Cuban Democratic Directorate (305-279-4416). Translated to English by the Coalition of Cuban-American Women/LAIDA CARRO. E-mail:  Joseito76@aol.com 

Website: www.biscet.org