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Cuban-American receives highest distinctions Granted by the Republican Senate
By Mary Fernández, Director of Press SOS Justice

Eng. Cesar Alarcon - American Spirit Medal.

Washington DC. October 24, 2008. Unanimously approved by the National Republican Senate Committee, Dr. Cesar Alarcon was granted the “American Spirit Medal” formerly known as the “Medal of Freedom”.

This high distinction received by Dr. Alarcon has been previously delivered by the Senate to such recognized personalities as former President Ronald Reagan, the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Charlton Heston and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, among others, who are distinguished by maintaining a high commitment to conservative principles, individual freedom, constitutional liberty, limited role of the federal government, defense and security of the nation.

Alarcon, Doctor Honoris Causa for his labor in education and pro-democracy (see related link) and one of the most prominent figures in the United States of America this year (see related link), declared: “The receipt of this medal, that reflects the most highest values of honesty, dedication, and support for the principles that establish the pillars of a democratic and open society; reinforces and encourages me to spread the benefits of the republican system of government domestically and internationally and specially motivates me to continue to intercede so that the Cuban nation is fully released from this scourge which is the oppression of the dangerous communist party”.

The certificate that accompanied the delivery of the medal is signed by the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee of the United States, the Honorable Senator John Ensign.

I promise to continue using my best energy, my knowledge, and my national and international relationships to redouble the possible joint tasks with good men and friends of democracy. For my people, I repeat exactly what I said on previous occasions: “Presently, a truly terrible time for the Cuban people, marked by the recycling of the Communists through the figure of the criminal Raul Castro and by the complicity of European governments who previously had expressed solidarity to our cause of liberation, my message to the pro democratic activists remains the same: we must be united and secure solidarity to apply historically confirmed successful methods to fight. The division and the disorderly use of public funds and useless procedures of liberation are three of the main causes that have dragged the advancement of our cause. We must overcome these obstacles and therefore I will continue proposing to our compatriots the “Aldabonazo” (see related link) as first step in that direction”

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