"Working together for a free Cuba"




The MCUD and SOS Justice’s campaign for a Free Cuba Continues
Mary Fernandez, Press Secretary for SOS Justice

Miami, Florida. March 26th 2007. American senators received from Engineer César Alarcón a request of solidarity in favor of urgent and concrete actions to free Cubans oppressed by the terrorist regime of Havana.

Senator Jim DeMint, South Carolina - Alarcón

The request from Eng. Alarcón took place in Washington DC, at the Marriott and Mayflower hotels, where this March 21st and 22nd the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle of the United States of America met to - among other subjects - receive from the senators specific information regarding republican partisan policy.

Alarcón, who received his Honorary Doctorate degree for his contributions in favor of education and democracy in America, discussed with senators, journalists, intellectuals, industrialists and other figures, subjects relating to the Cuban conflict associated in some way with the American political scope.

Representing the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy and the SOS Justice, Dr. Alarcón indicated the deficient policy of distribution, control and use of public funds destined to promote democracy in Cuba. At the same time he promised to deliver to the group of senators information originating from reliable sources in Cuba, which confirms the expositions by MCUD and SOS Justice on the misuse of funds appropriated for the freedom of the Cubans.

"The manner in which those funds are used has not served to coordinate effective methods of confrontation against the communist dictatorship nor to restore democracy in Cuba" – explained Eng. Alarcón to every senator that he spoke with.

The political situation in Latin American nations such as Venezuela and Bolivia were also discussed at the activity of the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. On the matter, Alarcón informed those present: "Representing our organizations I visited several states of the Republic of Mexico and I was alarmed at the disinterestedness that many young people have with respect to participating in the political life of their country. It is worrisome to see new Mexican generations, those expected to face the future, disappointed with the political course of their country. Also, it worries me that they do not have any trust in the politicians who, at the very least, are considered incapable. I who – suffered through Communism as many other compatriots have - know the horrors of Communism, its false tactics, its procedures of terror, confirmed during this tour that Communism has fertile land in Mexico to seed and to harvest its ominous doctrinal seed. The Marxist propaganda is hardly fought there, perhaps by fear, perhaps by laziness. Therefore it behooves us to help our Mexican brothers as much as those of other Latin American nations so that they can understand the dangers of the communist infiltration, so that they can fight it and can construct a prosperous future of healthy democracies. The Marxist plague will cause hunger and desolation in America if we do not eradicate that phenomenon in our hemisphere. It will produce excessive immigration towards the United States of America, the reason why I take this opportunity to alert our Senators of the danger that awaits us at the American borders to the north and south because the Communists have their agenda in motion. An agenda whose main objective is to destroy this great nation from within. It is evident that for the Communists the American borders are entrance ports where they infiltrate with their Trojan horses... ".

Dr. Alarcón briefly met with ambassador John R. Bolton and gave him information on some of the accomplishments by activists of MCUD and SOS Justice. Also, Alarcón spoke with the well-known television host Sean Hannity to whom he showed "the necessity to continue utilizing mass media to spread the truth and to stop the liberal campaigns that try to eradicate the conservative values of the American society".

T.V. host (Fox-News) Sean Hannity and Alarcón

Senators Thad Cochran (Mississippi), Norm Coleman (Minnesota), John Ensign (Nevada), Jim DeMint (South Carolina), Elizabeth Dole (North Carolina), and Tom Coburn (Oklahoma) also spoke briefly in private with the representative of the MCUD and SOS justice, Caesar Alarcón, who described these contacts as " specially positive for the cause of freedom and democracy for the Cubans oppressed by the PCC".

The MCUD and SOS Justice - as announced previously - continue developing their Campaign for Democracy, for Human rights and for a Free Cuba wherever in the world possible.

Other photos of the activity:

Alarcón - Honorable Ambassador John R. Bolton

Alarcón - Senator John Ensign, Nevada

Alarcón - Senator Elizabeth Dole, North Carolina

Alarcón - Senator Norm Coleman, Minnesota

Alarcón - Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. Oklahoma

Senator Thad Cochran, Mississippi - Alarcón

Alarcón - Senator Thad Cochran (event)

NOTE - The activists of SOS Justice and the MCUD in exile neither solicit nor accept fund from any official entity, nor private organization, nor individuals, because as free men and of moral principles, we believe that residing in democratic countries we have the means at our disposal to earn an honest living for ourselves and our families.