"Working together for a free Cuba"




First stage of the International Campaign for Democracy, Human Rights and a free Cuba has concluded.
By Mary Fernandez, Press Secretary of SOS justice

Miami, March 16, 2007- Dr Cesar L. Alarcón, representing the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy (MCUD) and SOS Justice, fulfilled its mission in Mexico, designed by these organizations for a democratic system of government, its values, for basic human rights and in favor of freedom for the Cubans oppressed by Communism.

The first step of this international campaign was launched mainly in the States of Puebla and Guerrero as well as in the Federal District, the capital of the country, where Dr Alarcón held conferences in centers of higher education, met with politicians, industrialists, educators and intellectuals, participated in Mexican radio and television programs, among other anticipated public and private activities in his agenda.

Alarcón in a radio station.

In his encounters Dr Alarcón alerted and insisted on the need to create networks to stop the advance, that until now the international extreme left has obtained, supported by the communist regime of Cuba, further penetration, subversion of democracy, that at the moment is reinforced with the economic support of the Venezuelan chavismo, and to defeat that flagellum before it oppresses other areas of America.

Alarcón was invited by teaching institutions such as the Autonomous Popular University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP), the East School (Jesuits) and by the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Puebla Campus, where he shared powerful and interactive conferences suggesting to those present to insist that government officials account for the use of resources and contributions, because indeed the corruption and the refusal of some governments to carry out programs of development for the benefit of the poorest and by which means offer them opportunities for better employment, they constitute vital elements of the propaganda of the extreme left to make themselves appear like the Messiah that will solve social problems, but recent American History demonstrates that when they reach power they erect totalitarian governments and therefore are incapable of providing well-being to the governed.

Alarcon in Monterrey Institute of Technology

In one of his conferences Dr Alarcón indicated: "the private company is the only tool that truly generates sources of employment and currencies so that nations can grow. The system of democratic government must limit itself to reach a necessary balance and social order; the government does not make money but uses the money that the industrialists and workers pay to it by the concept of taxes. If the government goes against the enterprise class it kills the goose that lays the golden eggs, and collapses the prosperity of the nation. Where will the government get its money if there is no capital nor prosperous industrialists, nor workers who pay taxes ".

The representative of the MCUD and SOS Justice stressed before the press: "Mexicans in particular and Latin Americans in general have in their hands the solution to their problems. Solution that depends on the fortification of democracy, the non-limitation of the free enterprise, the respect of basic liberties, the elimination of all type of corruption and to choose honest men for public positions, men who work for their country, with the will to serve and not act on personal interests ".

The visit of Dr.h.c. Cesar Alarcón to Mexico coincided with the tour by President George W. Bush to several countries of Latin America. Perhaps for that reason Mexican journalists questioned if Alarcón’s program was part of the agenda of the American government. On that matter Alarcón declared: "MCUD and SOS Justice are not part of the North American government, we do not solicit nor receive money from any government or any private sources, I personally don’t either. But as a Cuban-American citizen I have the same objectives of freedom and democracy as the government of the United States of America".

Next, Alarcón added: "the enemies of the United States are the same enemies of the MCUD and SOS Justice. Do not look for your enemy or the cause of your vicissitudes and your problems in the United States, be honest and see the United States for what it is, as the nation that helps the world, as the prosperous nation that takes care of its citizens and maintains them safe and well-being. Have you asked yourselves at any time why so many Latin Americans want to emigrate to the United States? Last night at dawn, in the television here (of Mexico) I saw a representative of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) that asserted that in the United States they beat and harass all Mexican and Latins. Of course, I did not have the opportunity to question that false declaration then but now that you (the Mexican journalists) give me the opportunity, I ask the PRD and those that think in that manner: Perhaps the Mexicans and the Latin Americans that are beaten there daily are masochists and despite prefer to continue to live in the United States of America? Perhaps also those that flee their own government for lack of work and prosperity and come to the United States are masochists as well? The reality is something else, from that same United States your compatriots (of Mexico and Latin America) that do have employment, maintain the impoverished and badly administered national economies, your compatriots also pay the high exchange rates imposed by their own governments who say they defend them... but instead they defend the high exchange rates for their own citizens; and force them to emigrate instead of trying to provide a decent living... ".

As far as the freedom of the Cubans oppressed by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the constant formula of Dr Alarcón was the following: "If in our destroyed Homeland most of the people do not have the foods nor the products of basic necessity that the modern man requires to live with decency, it’s not because of the North American government nor of the commercial embargo, but the fault is of the communist dictatorship, of that corrupt government that stays there by means of terror. The Communists persecute those that try to raise hens, those that try to seed potatoes, banana or malanga... in short, the Communists harasses all manifestation of free enterprise and self-sufficiency because totalitarian States need dependent subjects. This reality that the Cubans have endured for almost half century now threatens as never before extending to other areas of America. Therefore we must fight the corruption, the bad governments, the undemocratic speeches, and the violation of the human rights... instead of blaming others for our failures. The strategy of the Communists is to seed the lie and hatred against prosperous nations instead of working for the honest interchange and to remove the underdevelopment and hunger from the nations that they oppress ".

The MCUD and SOS Justice announce that the International Campaign for Democracy, Human Rights and a Free Cuba (which is carried out with our own funds) will continue in whichever nation of the world it is possible.

NOTE - The activists of SOS Justice and the MCUD in exile neither solicit nor accept fund from any official entity, nor private organization, nor individuals, because as free men and of moral principles, we believe that residing in democratic countries we have the means at our disposal to earn an honest living for ourselves and our families.