"Working together for a free Cuba"




Condoleezza Rice receives message relating to the liberation of Cubans

Miami, FL, February 8, 2007 - Engineer César Alarcón provided a communiqué to the Secretary of State on behalf of the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy (MCUD), the SOS Justice as well as other opposition organizations who within Cuba defend civil disobedience as an effective method of protest confirmed by History to eradicate oppressive systems such as the one forced on the Cuban society by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

Hon. Condoleezza Rice and Eng. César L. Alarcón – February 8th, 2007.

The message that was amiably received by the Secretary of State, Dr. Rice, contains proposals that many defenders of the civil resistance in and outside Cuba consider vital for the reorientation of the cause to liberate the Cubans in order to adopt effective procedures to overthrow the oppressive PCC, essential condition to transition towards a democratic Cuba. These Cubans need as much solidarity as well as material support from governments and democratic entities of the world.

The encounter between Condoleezza Rice and Alarcón took place this February 8th in the American Senate, in Washington D.C. During this meeting the president of the MCUD congratulated the Secretary of State for her effective work in foreign policy.

Engineer Alarcón, who has been awarded a Honorary Doctorate degree, also asked Dr. Rice to convey to president George W. Bush the unconditional support of the MCUD and SOS Justice activists in the combat that the United States of America and their allies unleash against international terrorism, a movement of which the PCC is an important element.

Among the proposals that Alarcón gave to the Secretary of State, the emphasis was on the fighters for democracy that from within Cuba support the unification of action against the PCC and the application of appropriate methods of conflict, those organizations that have clear political policies of no diplomatic ties, nor cultural interchanges nor commerce with Communists oppressors and their accomplices, as well as those organizations that beseech that funds destined to promote democracy in Cuba be used coherently and that the majority be given directly to the Cubans on the island applying effective methods of civil disobedience.

Alarcón, representing MCUD, SOS Justice and several opposition organizations in Cuba, also gave this same message to several American senators with whom he spoke briefly on the Cuban problem. Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Sen. Richard G. Lugar, Republican leader of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Sen. Barack Obama, a Democratic Party candidate to the American presidency for 2008, are some of the senators with whom engineer Alarcón made contact with at the American capital.

NOTE - the activists of SOS Justice and the MCUD in exile neither solicit nor accept fund from any official entity, nor private organization, nor individuals, because as free men and of moral principles, we believe that residing in democratic countries we have the means to earn an honest living for ourselves and our families.