"Working together for a free Cuba"




As we foretold, Kofi Annan ignored the cause of liberation of the Cuban people.

The Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan traveled to Havana, met with the principal leaders of the criminal Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), participated in the Summit with leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement where he shared with heads of states that promote terrorism but, as we predicted in the Message to the Cuban Political Prisoners and their Relatives, Annan ignored the activists who defend human rights in Cuba.

What are your thoughts on this latest scorn by Annan of the “Damas de Blanco”, Oswaldo Payá, Elsa Morejón, Martha Beatriz Roque and other dissidents who published several letters asking him, the top representative of the UN, to meet with them to review human rights violations that PCC officials commit? Respectfully we ask that the same methods that these compatriots disclosed their requests now publicly publish the result of those requests, this will help spread the truth.

As a result of this new disdain of Annan towards the defenders of basic liberties, the SOS Justice, the MCUD and other organizations believe that all plans or procedures for the democratization in Cuba based on any possible support of the UN, the O.A.S. or their officials is a squander of human resources and funds that could be better utilized in the execution of effective plans founded on methods of conflict confirmed by History such as civil resistance or rebellion which has demonstrated capacity to overthrow oppressive regimes like the one of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The Secretary General of United Nations, considered by some Cuban activists as "your honor" or "his excellency", is in fact one of the main accomplices of the oppressors of the Cuba people.

Kofi Annan left the halls of the Summit to shake the blood-covered claws of the tyrant Fidel Castro and ignored yet again the brave imprisoned activists who from their cruel jails of the Communist Party of Cuba still defend human rights that presumably the Organization of United Nations promotes.

SOS Justice and the MCUD are organizations which when Cuba is freed from the current communist oppression will demand before democratic state powers to hold a referendum so that the Cubans decide if they want to remain or retire from those organizations that, as the UN, did nothing in favor of the liberation cause of the oppressed people of Cuba.

Lázaro González Valdés
Ex-Prisoner of Conscience
Director of SOS Justice

Dr.h.c César L. Alarcón
President of the MCUD
Director of Public Relations SOS Justice 

Published in the United States of America on the 18 days of September 2006