"Working together for a free Cuba"




Secretary General of the O.A.S. unsupportive of the Cubans.

SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy (MCUD) consider offensives and deceptive the declarations of the Secretary General of the O.A.S., Jose Miguel Insulza, who asserts that: "Those that expect abrupt changes are betting that nobody wants to be witness; I do not want to see in Cuba any cause that traumatize that society and divides it" but Insulza intentionally omits that the communist party of Cuba (PCC) usurps power for almost half century during which it has exiled, jailed and assassinated thousands of Cubans for political reasons.

The majority of the Cuban society is divided and uprooted as a product of the ominous system of government violently imposed by the PCC but Insulza not only refuses to see this reality but solicits that any transition in Cuba "be much more gradual and much more pacific", manipulation of words with which the Secretary General of the O.A.S. could sway public opinion against those activists who defend the use of fighting methods such as rebellion or civil disobedience to face the oppression in accordance with accepted legal treaty rules of the UN and the O.A.S. itself.

Being that the O.A.S. receives funds from the United States of America (a nation who freed and defends its rights by any means necessary), SOS Justice and the MCUD hope that the Cuban American congressmen do not ignore the vile declarations of Jose Miguel Insulza and act consequently with the community of Cuban exiles whose votes brought them to the public positions which they hold today.

Equally the American senators of Cuban origin should heed this request of solidarity with the cause of liberation for the oppressed Cuban people that, contrary to the statements by the Secretary General of the O.A.S., need total liberties, radical and fast changes towards democracy, traumatic as they may be, as well as the administration of justice for thousands of victims who have endured additionally impunity by their oppressors since 1959.

Also MCUD and SOS Justice insist that Cuban organizations that fight for the freedom and democracy do not resort to any of the useless proceedings whereupon the O.A.S. and the UN imply to guard human rights.

In order to be free of the oppressor PCC the Cuban forces for democracy must be united and fight with strategies and independent tactics of useless organizations that are only good for diminish the pocket of contributors and to favor classes of unproductive government employees of which the shameful Jose Miguel Insulza is one.

30 of August of 2006,

Lázaro González Valdés
Ex- prisoner of Conscience
Director of SOS Justice

Dr.h.c César Alarcón
President of the MCUD

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