"Working together for a free Cuba"




A wakeup call to the Cuban exile for their authentic organization.

                                                     "To do is the best way to say" - Jose Martí –

This proclamation is an attention call that the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy (MCUD) and SOS Justice base on the following considerations:

  • Plans exist to recycle Cuban Communists without taking into account that, their arbitrary procedures and power that they violently usurp since 1959 is the main cause of political, economic, social and moral crisis which the majority of the Cuban people endure,
  • Those spurious plans harm the legitimate desire for justice of millions of victims and/or their families,
  • It is also illegitimate any negotiation with the oppressors as well as any other pact that grants amnesty for their crimes, where the possession or use of stolen goods is allowed, that impedes the administration of justice, that prevents the indemnification of the victims, that allows those criminals to hold public positions or infer directly or indirectly in the political, economic and social scope,
  • In the information originating from Cuba the dissidents and opponents confirm that they cannot take their plans to effect due to the increase repression on the part of the political police and its paramilitary groups that maintain the activists in a continuous state of siege,
  • Insufficient international solidarity by the pro-democracy activists as well as the effective aid given to the Cuban Communists even by democratic governments, are two factors that contribute to the increase police repression against the movement of internal resistance,
  • The evident incapacity of the internal resistance to liberate the oppressed people without external aid is an indicative sign that the exiled Cuban community must indeed come together fast, in keeping with the democratic values that sustain them, to mobilize themselves and work together to apply effective procedures to the fight against the communist oppressors,
  • The Cubans exiled to different countries must learn, by analyzing History and exerting good sense, that there is no foundation to sustain the hypothesis that the solution to our problem will be taken to fruition exclusively by the compatriots who reside within Cuba,
  • That hypothesis is not only exclusive and unacceptable by denying us our right to face the abuse of the criminals who usurp power by means of terror but those who defend this hypothesis isolate themselves and others that accept that deceit, in their useless do-nothing policy characteristic of those that wait for others to solve their problem for them,
  • The oppression of the Cubans is a matter for the Cubans without limitation of geographical borders. In addition, reality dictates that we cannot wait for additional efforts nor heroisms by the patriots in Cuba since practically they have done all that is possible for the liberation cause,
  • Also the Cubans exiled must understand that the establishment of hundreds of organizations with dissimilar strategies, and the praiseworthy fact that they have obtained relative political and economic influences where they reside, are not enough to obtain the support and the force necessary to eradicate the communist oppression in Cuba,
  • The unitary will of most of the exile is confirmed in the existence of multiple valuable projects conceived by compatriots and organizations whose main objective is the liberation of the oppressed Cuban people but, lamentably, other aspects of these projects and personal problems of their promoters have prevented the unification of force necessary to collapse the communist regime.
  • Only the organization of the Cuban exiled by means of an authentic process will give sufficient legitimate representation, force, and credibility by foreign governments and international organizations with some capacity to indeed support the fight against the oppressing communist party of Cuba,
  • History demonstrates irrefutably that international organizations like the UN and the O.A.S. have been and are incapable of helping the Cubans and other oppressed nations until these organizations repair their congenital defects of not having real jurisdiction on usurping groups of power, of lacking codes and penal procedures among other mistakes such as accepting criminal groups like the communist party of Cuba as authentic members,
  • A direct consequence of those defects of the UN, the O.A.S. and other international organizations are the groundless support, on the part of personalities and organizations of the exile, of the hypothesis according to which those useless organizations will act in our favor and effectively at some unforeseen moment. This miscalculation has so harmed the cause for liberation of the oppressed Cuban people to the point of which some dissident organizations exist today whose projects depend on those incapable organizations!

Considering the previous points, respectfully we summon the personalities and leaders of organizations of the exile to:

  • Putting aside the natural differences of free men, establish the necessary body (call it a congress, assembly, council, alliance, front, unitary movement of the exile or whatever) so that each organization and personality (be it an industrialist, monk, artist, scientist... etc.) have the opportunity to present their proposals deemed necessary to solve our problem participating completely in this procedure with voice, vote and with the discipline characteristic of those who have the capacity to advance their objectives.
  • Determine and approve (by will of the majority and the disciplined observance by the minority) whichever norms are required for the operation of that representative organization of the exile.
  • Design a plan of operations against the Castro regime that incorporates fighting methods that History confirms to be effective in eradicating any oppressive state, and forgoes the application of scientifically unfounded procedures that only lead to speculation or error.
  • Create a fund for the cause of liberation of the oppressed people of Cuba as well as the procedures of public control of it.
  • Establish the means for the official press of the new organization of the exiled Cuban community.
  • Elect the ambassadors to legitimately represent the exile community and to assign the tasks necessary to obtain sufficient international solidarity to liberate the oppressed Cubans.
  • Set up and execute the management necessary to overthrow from power the minority that oppresses the Cuban people and thus be able to take to justice that group of criminals guaranteeing them the appropriate penalty commensurate with the type of crime committed.
  • Plan, approve and put in practice whichever other norms or procedures are necessary to obtain the previous stated goals.

We reiterated this call to all personalities and organizations of exile to which we also exhort to call on other patriots with whom they maintain contact with so that nobody is excluded from this summon.

To those who love total freedom and a democratic government system for the people of Cuba but erroneously think that unity is not possible or useful; to those who maintain the sophism that the division that debilitates us before the common enemy is a logical consequence of building a democracy; to them we say that we can no longer wait, because the oppressed Cuban people can not support more horror. Now is the time to be protagonists executing concrete, intelligent and energetic actions as they have never been executed before.

It is evident the error and the absence of positive results of those who propose unfounded plans or try to obtain impossible solutions by their dependency of nonexistent good will of the government officials of the communist regime. We also call on them to unite; we summon them to be a part of this authentic procedure where they will be able to participate totally and equally. To fight against injustice is a right and duty for all.

We clarify that we, who authored this document in the name of the MCUD and SOS Justice, resign in advance and irrevocably to any proposal to direct this or any another procedure related to this exiled body; there are many capable compatriots for that. We will only coordinate the first steps of this subject until the participants in the same arrive at the initial meeting.

However, we will participate in the organization as simple members. We will be a voice of our small organizations and our first vote is in favor of unifying those who wish to eradicate Communism in Cuba. Equally we declare publicly that we will accept all decisions made by the majority and are ready to fulfill any task that is assigned to us.

The results of this summon will be published periodically in the Internet web sites of the Semanario A Fondo and the MCUD.

In order to answer this summon we have arranged the following electronic email address: aldabonazoporcuba@yahoo.com  We hope that this wakeup call is responded to briefly and properly. Now it is time to simply say "Yes" or "No" to this summon. The majority will determine debates and decisions during the sessions.

Silence will be interpreted as a negative response to this call. Nevertheless we insist that all of the exiles are equally responsible to make the timeless motto of "For Cuba the time is now" a reality.

Lázaro González Valdés.                                 Dr.h.c. César L. Alarcón.
Exprisioner of concience.                                President M.C.U.D.

Note: In accordance with the response to this process and the number of participants the appropriate place and time for the celebration of the event will be selected.