"Working together for a free Cuba"




ISHR Conference: Ing. Cesar Alarcon is requesting the union all cubans and to use an effective method of fight against the communism.

Thank you very much to those present here today: Members of the German Parliament, Government Officials of the European Parliament, Distinguished Ambassadors, Directors of the International Society of Human Rights, Members of other distinguished organizations pro basic freedoms, participant, compatriots, friends in general.

It is an honor for me to be here today and to share with you the manner in which MCUD and SOS Justice analyze, understand and believe we should deal with the oppression problem by Communism in Cuba, which affects the majority of the population.

I will try to be brief.

I will lead with the premise that to win any battle, be it a conventional or asymmetrical, first one needs to consider the potential, the real forces, the allies, the procedures that the enemy at hand uses, never underestimate the enemy, and then oppose him with a superior physical and intellectual force. Therefore we will only be able to overcome our adversary, the communist dictatorship, using a program of battle adapted for that task.

The permanence of the totalitarian system in Cuba, in spite of the numerous adverse prognoses to the same, is a reality that forces one to reanalyze the procedures and efforts of this fight. Therefore MCUD and SOS Justice believe that it is fundamental, and an ethical obligation to study this phenomenon, to expose the truth and to use it to understand exactly the operative nature of the criminal regime that we face.

Presently it is common for the average press and prominent Cubans in exile to assure: "the Castro regime is at its end", "the Cuban Communism is in a comma", the Castrismo is already dead, the only thing lacking is the death certificate ". Nevertheless, it continues
and it is evident by the very bad conditions that the oppressed people of Cuba endure daily.

MCUD and SOS Justice consider the spread of these affirmations irresponsible because they are unfounded assertions and with them reality is ignored. Whoever proclaims them is lost in the sea of speculations and runs aground in the port of errors. They deny the reality that is clearly evident for other Cubans. Simple logic indicates that whoever denies this reality, if they cannot see it by limitations in the way that they analyze the problem,
do not deserve support nor our confidence thus we recommend aiming solidarity and funds for those opponents and associations that apply or plan to use effective methods for the battle. These vague speculations and projects distract us from the main objective to free us from the oppressor.

With some statistical examples, which anyone can easily access simply by looking for them in that technological apparatus called the Internet, can be verified that the last gasp of the Cuban communist regime only exist in the imagination of some compatriots who erroneously tie the totalitarian system with the person of Fidel Castro, creating the false analogy that on a par the communist regime ages with its main leader. This sophism unravels with historical facts because after the death of Lenin, Communism continued its
course in the USSR with Stalin, Kruchev, Breznied, Andropov and other disastrous directors of terror.

The communist party of Cuba continues to infiltrate the Cuban society in the island and in exile as well as the opposition and the independent media. It even receives considerable economic aid from Hugo Chávez and his government and from organizations like the United Nations. It grants scholarships to citizens of diverse countries like the United States of America, Venezuela and Angola just to name a few, also donates hospitals, gives medical and educational aid, all in exchange for ideological solidarity. The procedures of penetration of the minds and espionage have been perfected by the Cuban Communists to the end of which not even the Pentagon has been left unscathed.

Can Fidel Castro, that dribbling old man of incoherent speeches, accomplish these tasks by himself? Logical thinking dictates not, because it is not possible for a single individual to carry out such malignant work. We are faced with more than a million communist militants well trained and followed by national and international accomplices.

Another one of the unfounded hypotheses presents that a possible solution to the Cuban problem assumes that: "More tourism in Cuba would open a window into democracy". With the tables one and two (Chart I - II) MCUD and SOS Justice will demonstrate that along with tourism the income of the dictatorship has increased with the visit of almost 20 million tourists in eleven years and has not contributed anything to the freedom of the
oppressed people nor to respecting their human rights.

Can anyone present point out what contributions have those 20 million tourists made to freedom or democracy in Cuba when the news of police repressions of the population, the independent press, and the opposition increase incessantly? The main contributions that come form tourism is the gains that the regime obtains?

Who asks the American government to lift the commercial embargo (that by the way every day obstructs less) should be the question. 20 million North American tourists would have reached the quota of freedom and democracy that were not obtained by European, Canadian, Mexican and Japanese tourists that visited Cuba in the last 11 years?

With certainty we can formulate that: More tourism = More dollars for the dictatorship = More police and resources to repress basic liberties = More oppression for the Cuban people. The recent repressive acts irrefutably confirm that the members of the incipient Cuban civil society have been immobilized by the Castro repression and therefore do not properly prosper from the opposition with methods such as the collections of signature, the calls for public opinion, the proposals to change the oppressor himself, the presentation of denunciations in international forums without jurisdiction to penalize the criminals whom usurp the power in Cuba, nor any other methods of battle not confirmed by History.

There is another hypothesis that from the MCUD and SOS Justice point of view restrains the development of our fight for freedom. It is the unfounded idea that in circumstances of totalitarian oppression it is possible to develop the civil society sufficiently to be able to change the ominous scene present in Cuba. This supposition has been accepted by organizations that provide funds for the promotion of democracy, its pillars and ethical
values. This hypothesis confuses compatriots in the island and in exile. Also, it creates false expectations with the usual frustration that entails that erroneous procedure. There is no other option than the use of force, in its violent or non-violent form, or the combination of both, to obtain the liberation of the oppressed Cuban people. Therefore, SOS Justice and the MCUD consider the funds destined to sustain the hypothesis of the
development of the civil society in conditions of totalitarianism is money going into torn pockets, is money lost, is money that is not available for contributors with tens of necessities that go unfulfilled. Those that provide these funds should at least demand methods of fighting with defined and viable plans. Without the use of force neither United States of America nor Germany would exist today. Without the use of non-violent force, today it would not be a reality that American blacks would have the same rights as
the whites, nor the Polish Solidarity Union would have put the communist
regime in check.

Another erroneous idea, from the SOS Justice and the MCUD point of view, is that providing information through radio transmitters and television to the oppressed people of Cuba it is expected that a people uprooted by oppression would mobilize and take action against their oppressors. But, although the information is necessary in all cases, it is not enough by itself to break the totalitarian chokehold. Neither cultural exchanges, nor academic events nor sport matches nor tourism have any effect on achieving freedom. Only strong operations will push the arbitrary system imposed by the Communists until they are removed from power indefinitely. Let us remember that no criminal stops his actions of their own free will. The communist party of Cuba is no exception to this norm dictated by common sense.

The diffusion of news to Cuba, the independent media, the developing independent unions, the very small independent libraries, the meetings of dissidents, the writing of political proclamations and programs for future democracy, the telephone calls, the fax equipment, the electronic mails and the hall computers of the SINA are useful tools for the cause but none of them constitutes a method of fighting. MCUD and SOS Justice stress that only violent force; non-violent force or the combination of both is the liberating procedure scientifically confirmed by History. We stress that any other way is based on speculation, and to speculate leads to error almost every time. There has been such an accumulation of horror in our Mother country since 1959 that we can no longer allow any more mistakes.

Also, there are some who propose, "to de-americanize" the Cuban problem while at the same time they plead paradoxically for the "Europeanization” of the same. Speeches and word games are in excess in our cause, what we need is real unity, plans, funds and directors capable to take them to effect.

All requests for change to the regime of the PCC have been in vain. In 1988 the Party Pro Human rights of Cuba that today is affiliated with the Foundation Andrei Sajarov formulated the first request for a referendum from the Communists government. It gathered signatures from the population in support of that initiative but the answer of the oppressors was more police repression. Similarly today they repress those who insist on that procedure that our recent History confirms as inutile.(THE PROJECT VARELA SOLICITS THE SAME AND THE ANSWER HAS BEEN DOUBLY ADVERSE: REPRESSION AND NEW MODIFICATION OF THE ILLEGAL CONSTITUTION SEALING THE SUPPOSED LEGAL METHOD FOR THE PEOPLE TO IMPLEMENT CHANGE).

Without the use of violent or non-violent force, or a combination of both procedures, arbitrary systems are not removed. What would have happened with Iraq if instead of overthrowing its oppressors we would have peacefully asked for a referendum, or asked them to have made democratic changes? The answer is obvious: the oppressed would continue being victims of the oppressors as it continues to happen in our Mother country since 1959.

Any plan for the future of Cuba whose first step is not the total liberation of the oppressed people (that is the overthrow of the arbitrary political, social and economic order imposed violently by the PCC) is morally unacceptable. Implementing such a plan will disturb the peace, prevent the restoration of the new republic and prevent the pillars of democracy from rising in our Mother country. Observing Europe we can see the negative
consequences of recycling the Communists.

We do not have to be afraid nor to as much feel shame when pleading for the overthrow of the injustice in Cuba because science as well as practice indicate that without the use of force there is no possibility of obtaining progress as far as obtaining the total liberation of the oppressed people and true justice. This formula also prevails for Cuba. Therefore, we must base our democratic plans on common sense and the experience that History
has to offer. It is not enough to wish for the end of the Communists terror!
We must unite; those in the island and in exile, to use the methods of battle capable to demolish the oppressive system that has diminish our human dignity for almost half century!

Source: Semanario a Fondo
May 5, 2006