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Official joint press release of the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy and SOS Justice.

Democratic systems should not legalize undemocratic immigrants

The United States of America is at war. It is not a typical conflict but a unique confrontation that kills residents of this country, legal and illegal, as confirmed by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

This reality forced a change in the Untied States defensive doctrine and therefore the front lines had to be located in hostile territories like Saddan Hussein’s Iraq and its followers.

Now that the setting darkens with the threats and nuclear blackmail of the government of Iran, who invited Fidel Castro in May of 2001 and from the University of Tehran stated that both regimes together would "bring America to its knees" (see reference # 1), the internal infiltration, the fifth communist column threatens with destabilizing the nation that gives us asylum and is in the heat of war against world-wide terrorism.

As expected, the modality of infiltration of the minds used in this case chose the easiest target: illegal immigrants, mainly the Mexicans whose number is greatest.

When the United States of America has been in other wars logic imposed the procedure of: "buy American products", because that way the national economy is fortified and mitigates the costs borne by any armed conflict.

Nevertheless, the communist infiltration cells (or groups of "urban guerrilla demonstrators" as called in reference # 2, by the terrorist Marighela in his Manual of Urban Guerrilla/1969/) apparently have been able to manipulate the movement for the legalization of immigrants whose claims could even bring irreversible damage for the democratic system that has allowed them to live, being illegal, as they cannot in their own countries of origin.

It has never been a good strategy to bite the hand of the ally. The United States of America does not have a perfect system but democracy has many procedures to approach perfection as is humanly possible.

We summon the president of the United States of America, Congressmen, Senators and other government officials to legalize immigrants with justice, orderly, and in the most convenient way for the majority of the nation, because one of the pillars of democracy is that the will of the majority is fulfilled and the rights of the minorities are respected.

Similarly we ask the American government to order a thorough investigation by the intelligence services to determine the members of the infiltration cells that have been able to manipulate sectors of immigrants to hoist photographs of the terrorist and assassin Ernesto Guevara, alias El Ché, with the intent to damage the American economy by means of a boycott of some of its more respectable companies, and worst yet this act is scheduled to coincide with the communist celebration (May 1st) and without consideration that the United States of America is in the heat of war against terrorism.

We also request the president of the United States of America, the Senate, Congress and other official branches to legalize only the immigrants of proven and constant democratic values solely because it is not logical to grant that status to those who are inserted in this society to conspire against our system of government, the norms, and the values that maintain it. In addition the legislators should sanction laws to prevent legalized immigrants from abusing their status to conspire against the United States of America.

Finally, the President, the Senate and Congress should reduce or end aid to those governments that do not properly control emigration of their citizens to the United States of America, because the American taxpayer should not have to sustain governments that conspire against our internal order.

We should not allow immigration to become a Trojan horse that when opening itself spills from its entrails the collaboration with the enemies of democracy!

God save America!

Eng. Cesar Alarcon, Dr.h.c                   Lazaro González Valdés
President of the MCUD                        Director General of SOS Justice
Director of SOS Justice                       Ex-prisoner of Conscience

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Note: We invite all friends of democracy to not participate in this ill-disposed boycott and on the contrary go to work and later go shopping in large numbers to show our support and solidarity to the Nation that feeds us and our children.