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For when the moment of justice arrivese:
Thousands of denunciations against communist militants filed away in Cuba

April 10, 2006 - Activists of SOS Justice have collected 4,563 denunciations of crimes committed by members of the communist party and the Communist Youth of Cuba (PCC and UJC) in 6 of the 14 current provinces of the country.

In accordance with the procedures established by SOS Justice since May of 2005, these denunciations will remain stored in safe sites within Cuba until there is an independent judicial system able to administer justice and to penalize those delinquents according to the nature of their criminal acts.

Murders, physical and mental tortures in police stations and prisons, coercion, threats, aggression and injuries, denial of access to advanced studies and to employment in certain companies or positions, sexual harassment, as well as job terminations for political and religious beliefs are the main types of violations denounced by the victims, who until now have been able to overcome the terror imposed in Cuba by the communist militants.

Due to contradictions or not having all questions answered in the denouncement forms, SOS Justice rejected 261 of the cases by plaintiffs.

The increasing number of denunciations during this year, 2,113 to date (46% of the total) is indicative of the abusive state in which the majority of the Cuban society is in, and confirms the SOS Justice theory that most of the Cuban people will oppose the recycling of the Communists when it is possible to declared it freely, and will actually denounce additional crimes committed by them, and will demand the enforcement of the Law.

This information was edited with the reports sent from Cuba.

SOS Justice disagrees with the unfounded version where accordingly in Cuba exists only a small group of criminals known as "the principles responsible for the problem", "the old guard" or "the faithful to Fidel" because every day our activists identify government officials (national, provincial, and municipal) who break the law or are accomplices to those who directly commit the crimes. Therefore, SOS Justice reiterates that its task will not end until it "has hunted" the last one of those criminals to bring before the Law.

The activists of the SOS Justice perform their duties concealed for security reasons since it is well known that the PCC and their satellites organizations assassinate even those that try to escape their regime of oppression.

SOS Justice opposes any plan of pseudo liberation based on the recycling of the Communists and pleads for the illegalization of the PCC, the UJC or any other association criminally inclined, when Cuba stops the oppression.

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Lazaro Gonzalez Valdes / General Director of SOS Justice