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SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy (MCUD) summons all organizations and individuals that would want to support and/or participate in the following international campaign:

No more banking operations with the criminal Communist Party of Cuba.

The oppressed Cuban people have the right to know in what foreign banks the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and/or their relatives have established accounts, because the money that is deposited in those accounts have been obtained illegally as confirmed by the ex-official of counterintelligence, Otto, to The Miami Herald newspaper (to see link # 1).

Otto, whose real name is Delfín Fernández, worked between 1980 and 1999 in "Department 11 of the Cuban counterintelligence, assigned to the Castro brothers (Fidel and Raúl) and their closest foreign investment contacts..."

According to The Miami Herald, this ex-official of Cuba’s counterintelligence confessed to “carrying suitcases with cash out of Cuba for the Castro brothers".

"Raúl likes the money -- he has a transition plan,'' Fernández said. "Fidel doesn't. I think Raúl would want to lead an economic transformation, and ultimately find a way to retire peacefully with his family with all the money he has stolen from the Cuban people over the years and taken out of the country.'' - Fernández added.

The victims of Communism who support the programs of the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy and SOS Justice want to know:

What banks allow these illegal operations?

How much money has been deposited into the accounts of the oppressors of the Cuban people and how is it invested?

What legal actions can be carried out to freeze those accounts now and give back the money to the people of Cuba when freed of the oppressor PCC?

We request of the ex-official of the Cuban counterintelligence Fernández to publish or reveal the names of the banks and the account numbers where he deposited "suitcases full of cash for the Castro brothers". This act would be coherent with "his disillusionment with the regime and his ambitions for a better life" and that information would also be useful to initiate concrete actions against the international accomplices of the criminal PCC.

SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy suspect that some of those banking accounts could be tied to criminal operations such as drug trafficking, terrorism or the infiltration of societies to destabilize them and later to enslave them as it’s happening today in Venezuela. Therefore SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy call out to the democratic governments of the world to disallow by law that Cubans related to the regime of the PCC transact with banks in their territories and that they do not do business with other banks that negotiate with stolen money from the oppressed Cuban people.

Also SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy request of organizations, Cubans in exile, congressmen, senators, intelligence services, the FBI, schools of law and financial institutions of the United States of America to support this cause for justice. The victims of the Cuban Communism await fast and effective actions!

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Note: By the time that you read this, SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy have already made calls, sent letters, emails, and faxes related to this campaign, which has already began to develop, to international organizations, politicians and high-ranking government officials.

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