"Working together for a free Cuba"




Official Joint Release:

Total success with the protests on March 18.

The Coordinadora Nacional Cubana, Plataforma Cuba Democracia !Ya! and El Movimiento Cubano Unidad Democratica, who organized massive protests and manifestations at the international level in front of Cuban embassies in different countries from three continents and also united Cubans and friends in masses around the world want to proudly present that the final result was a total success.

The main objectives for these events is to bring to the forefront the unusual increase of repression in Cuba against the pacifist opposition and the people in general, the extreme crisis facing our political prisoners, and the constant violations to the Human rights. These objectives were fulfilled upon seeing the support and solidarity across the globe. We can without a doubt say: The world had its day of information, the world today knows more than ever what really happens in Cuba and was able to know through television, radio, the press and the Internet what happens to our brothers in the island.

The Coordinadora Nacional Cubana, Plataforma Cuba Democracia !Ya! and El Movimiento Cubano Unidad Democratica, extend our most sincere congratulations and gratitude to all organizations of Cuban exile and other international organizations that although non-Cuban support our fundamental cause, the Freedom of the Cuban People.

This international protest sends a message directly to the dictatorship, our power to unite is proven, your days are numbered; stop immediately the repression against your own people.

The following is the list of organizations that supported and participated in this event in the name of the people of Cuba, as well as the places where protests and/or masses took place.

Organizations that supported and/or participated:

Agenda Cuba
Alpha 66
Amnistía Internacional Holanda
Asociación Cubanos por la Libertad
Casa del Preso
Chile Blog (Internet newspaper)
Coalición de Mujeres Cubano Americanas
Colectivo Solidaridad Cuba Libre y Asociación Derechos del Hombre
Comité Uruguayo de Jóvenes por la Democracia en Cuba
Contadores Públicos de Cuba
Cuban Canadian Foundation
Cuba Europa
Cuba Futuro
Cubanos Unidos Pro Derechos Humanos
Comite Mexicano de Apoyo a la Libertad de Cuba.
Der Stacheldraht (La Alambrada) Magazine of the Communist Victims.
Directorio Democrático Cubano
Frente para la Libertad Total de Cuba
Gedenkbibliothek zu Ehren der Opfer des Stalinismus (Library in Honor of Communist Victims)
Glasnost en Cuba
Grupo de Apoyo a Masones en Cuba
Iglesias en Acción
ISHR (International Society of Human Rights)
Junta Patriótica Cubana
M.A.R. por Cuba
Net For Cuba International
O.C.U. (Organizaciones Cubanas Unidas)
Organización de Periodistas Holandeses
Partido del Pueblo
Pax Christi Holanda
Plantados hasta la Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba
Red Uruguaya por Democracia para Cuba
S.O.S. Justicia
Unidos por Venezuela
U.O.K.G. (Victims of Comunist Organization)
Vigilia Mambisa

List of cities and countries where the protests and/or masses took place.

 - Protests

Amsterdam, Holland; Berlin, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Prague, Scheck Republic; Bratislava, Slovakia; Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Montevideo, Uruguay; New York & Washington, D.C., USA; Toronto, Canada; Stockholm, Sweden; San José, Costa Rica; London, England.

 - Masses and other events

Miami (Vigil, Saturday at 8th Street & Mass on Sunday at Ermita de La Caridad,) & Tampa, Florida; Raleigh, NC; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Frankfurt, Germany; Santander, Spain; Mexico D.F. Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima, Peru; Caracas, Venezuela; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Belgrade & Montenegro Serbia.

To see the gallery of photos: www.netforcuba.org/events/march18_2006/main.htm