"Working together for a free Cuba"




President of the MCUD receives Honorary Degrees.

Eng. Alarcón during his inaugural presentation at Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Baltimore, Md. July 5th 2005. This past June 27th-29th at the international renowned Hotel Conrad de Punta del Este, Uruguay convened the second Latin American Congress for Quality in Education. The event that was declared of national interest by the governments of Uruguay and their neighbor Argentina united hundreds of educators from Latin America.

All of the Latin American countries were represented in this great event and with the presence of thirty-one Rectors and twenty-two Presidents of Universities and Institutes, as well as Directors of different training centers who took part in and debated in different presentation educational issues faced by our continent.

Shared and noted in the final document was the general restlessness that each educator and each institution must diversify and make our education more human. It was the general consensus that only by forming true and honest professionals will we eradicate our America of corruption and bad habits, bringing only honest professionals committed to their people to key positions of society will we manage to advance this agenda.

The engineer César L. Alarcón received from the hands of Dr. Mario Marenco Sosa, President of the CELADE (Latin American Center of Development) a Doctorate Honorary Degree for his recognized work in Education and Democracy for his country and Latin America.

The Engineer Alarcón upon receiving such high distinction expressed: “Today is a special day, united here are many of the true leaders of our America. Here hundreds of organizations are represented that together can bring, through interchanges and efforts, the change that we needed for our America. I want to dedicate this prize to my mother in Cuba who I may not ever see again since our island is condemned to the lack of freedom by a cruel Dictatorship that does not allow the free transit of its citizens. I want to dedicate this honorable Prize to the memory of more than seventy thousand Cubans that have died in the Straits of Florida simply in search of freedom, I want to dedicate this prize to more than one hundred thousand Cuban executed and imprisoned in these forty-six years of absolute Dictatorship. Today you give me this Doctorate Honorary Degree that signifies, "For reason or honorable cause, of a quality that drives us to the fulfillment of our duties, respect for others and ourselves; it is a good reputation that follows virtue, merit or the actions of service, those which transcend families, people, institutions and actions themselves that are recognized." Then I must say, dear Latin American brothers gathered here today, if its about Truth and Honor I request in God’s name that you also commit yourselves to the Truth and help my people, who deserve themselves at least to live as you live, I request that you know how to differentiate that Cuba had Cubans before the dictator Castro and will continue having Cubans long after Castro is gone, I request in honor of the Truth not to be accomplices of the lies and side with our Cuban people. Thank You"

Eng. Alarcón hosted several private meetings with different Presidents and Directors of Public and Private Universities of Latin America with the objective to establish threads of educative interchange and to plan future conferences to continue presenting the Cuban reality.

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