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Official notice to all the members, collaborators and friends of Net for Cuba International.

The purpose of this official notice is the General Meeting in Havana of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba.

On May 20 of this year members of the Cuban opposition will meet in Havana. This meeting is one of the most important and transcendental in the history of Cuba’s communist era. The General Meeting of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba has been called for by our compatriots and members of the executive committee;- René Gómez Manzano, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello and Félix Bonne Carcassés.

The General Meeting will be attended by more than 360 Cuban organizations operating within the island country, invitees, international observers and the accredited international press. The General Meeting will cover a variety of topics dealing with the Cuban political situation, the economy and the society. The members of the opposition will also implement several strategies meant to strengthen their effectiveness against the Cuban government in the future. The objective is clear;- to promote the establishment of a civil society in Cuba which will yield a free and democratic country. The General Meeting is taking place at a very crucial time in which Fidel Castro’s regime has once again been condemned by the Human Rights Commission of the United Nation for continued and flagrant human rights violations against the Cuban people.

Since its beginnings 5 years ago, our internet based organization, Net for Cuba International ( www.netforcuba.org ) has been dedicated to disseminate and expose everything that occurs in Cuba under the Castro regime. The organization distributes an endless and continuous number of electronic mailings throughout the World containing news and information relating to the Cuban dilemma. The news and information are gathered from a variety of sources such as, organizations, groups and individuals from inside as well as outside of Cuba, who strive to end the communist dictatorship responsible for the tragedy that has plagued the Cuban nation for more than 4 decades.

Because of the importance of the coming General Meeting of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba and the responsibility each Cuban has to join those who are contributing to its success our organization through its executive board unanimously requests the following of our members, collaborators and friends in the internet throughout the World.

First: Since the internet serves as our weapon, it is very important that those persons who have not yet organized a mailing list of family, friends and acquaintances do so now. Each of us regardless of where we are in the World must become a relator of the information which will be emanating from the General Meeting.

Second: Contact the press in your area and send them the press releases put out by the Information and Support Center of the General Meeting of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba.

Third: All those persons who have access to media, be it television or radio programs, the opportunity of writing for a printed medium in your respective communities please use it to call the public’s attention to the May 20, 2005 General Meeting and all the information generated by it.

Four: Please send all notices generated by the Information and Support Center of the Assembly to internet forums dealing with the Cuban dilemma. In particular those forums sponsored by newspapers, magazines, radio and television entities to maximize our exposure since these sites tend to attract great numbers of visitors.

Fifth: Disseminate as much as possible the official website of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba: www.AsambleaSociedadCivilCuba.info 

Our dear friends, regardless of whether the international press covers this important and memorable event or not; we as Cubans and friends of the Cuban cause have the duty to divulge and disseminate the information which relates to it. Our philosophy as it pertains to working in the internet has always been and remains that if you have access to a computer and the internet and truly have the intentions and desire – you can do something for Cuba. The freedom doors need to open for Cuba, but this is hitched to the goodwill of her daughters and sons.

Freedom for Cuba,

Executive Board
Net for Cuba International

Source: www.netforcuba.org
May 11, 2005