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The Cuban government sentenced two accredited members of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba.

The following letter was received by the Executive Committee of the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba from the Manzanillo prison located in the province of Granma, Cuba. It was written by Elio Enrique Chavez Ramón of the 20 de Mayo independent library and an accredited participant of the Assembly under registration number 3244, and Luis Elio de la Paz Ramón of the 10 de Octubre independent library also accredited to
participate in the Assembly under registration number 3245. Both activists were arrested and sentenced to 3 and 2 years in prison respectively. The letter describes the mock trial both had to endured.

“The Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Gómez Vásquez Allen ordered the guards to take us out of our cell to interview us. He said we were very dangerous and for certain we were going to be sentenced. He further told us to say anything we wanted in court, but that the jury was not going to relieve or take into account anything we had to say on our behalf.

The Lieutenant Colonel added that the official news was that we were not under arrest, but rather participants in a government program for the revolution in which we were going to work and study. We told him we disagreed and we were not going to work or study. They were going to judge and sentence us for our political beliefs and our right to freedom was being violated. The Lieutenant Colonel said the police had nothing to do with it, the officials who were present and him had agreed so. In other words Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Gómez Vásquez Allen and his gang were the judge and jury. The members of the jury obeyed them. We consider this to be blackmail and humiliation, but we are not going to work for the regime of an old decrepit lying despot. We will serve our sentence.

Long live the General Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba
Long live the 20th of May
Long live Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello
Long live René Gómez Manzano
Long live Félix Bonne Carcassés

These compatriots are cousins and are confined in the Delegación Provincial de Manzanillo of the PDR, located on Primero de Mayo Avenue. They will be transferred to an unknown prison once their paperwork is completed.

This case demonstrates that Fidel Castro and his regime are employing all their resources and methods to frustrate the preparations and ultimately prevent the General Meeting of the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba next May 20th. We are calling the attention of the international organizations and community in general to the risks facing the participants of the Assembly.

Source: www.netforcuba.org
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