"Working together for a free Cuba"




M.C.U.D promotes the next Civil Assembly in Cuba with the President of the Committee of Foreign Relations of the Mexican Senate.

Mexico D.F. March 23, 2005. Complying with its international agenda as well as its commitment to the support of the " Assembly to promote the Civil Society in Cuba", the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy represented by its president Eng. César L. Alarcón, the Cuban Mexican Civic Association represented by lawyer Eduardo Matías Lopez, the Web site CubanosMex.com represented by their director Eng. Tony Corzo had a friendly encounter this past Wednesday with the Honorable Senator Fernando Margáin Berlanga, President of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the Mexican Senate.

During the encounter Eng. Alarcón presented Senator Margáin with a folder containing information relating to the upcoming competing congress to be celebrated in Cuba May 20 2005. Eng. Alarcón asked Senator Margáin for his support and that within his agenda of work and whenever possible announce this important event within his party and the Mexican Senate.

Alarcon stated, "It is necessary that in Mexico, its people and its government know that there exists a sizable opposition within the island that peacefully searches for areas to establish a true Civil Society”.

The Honorable Senator Margáin holds the highest position in the foreign policy Senate and where the Senate of the Republic has exclusive faculties in international matter having at its disposition the analysis of foreign policy developed by the Federal Executive.

During the encounter that took place at the seat of the Senate located in Xicoténcatl No.9, Mexico City, several subjects of interest were brought up that would help towards the advancement of democracy in Cuba, within a Latin American context.

Eng. Alarcón also formally solicited the president of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the Senate to relay to Mr. President Vicente Fox and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dr Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista the feeling of the Cuban opposition within the island and in exile with respect to the position that should be taken by the Mexican Republic at the next votes in Geneva, Switzerland, where we hope that the Mexican vote is aligned with the truth and as in previous occasions condemns the Cuban dictatorship for his repeated violations of Human Rights.

Eng. Tony Corzo explained to Senator Margáin that the government of Mexico could even add to the long list of Human Rights violations in Cuba, the case of Cuban rafters (balseros) that were recovered by the Mexican authorities in the gulf of Mexico and that the Cuban government in flagrant violation of numerous international agreements in this matter and as it has done for forty-six years distanced itself from the case, depriving relatives in Cuba the right to give then a proper burial.

Lawyer Eduardo Matías Lopez on the other hand explained to Senator Bargáin the importance of continuing to support the dissidents within Cuba and requested that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs directs his Embassy in Cuba to help and invite our valiant opposition to official events that take place in the island.

The meeting that transpired in an amiable and respectful atmosphere, concluded with the commitment on the part of Senator Fernando Bargáin Berlanga to relay the restlessness from the brave Cuban freedom fighters within the island as well as in exile to President Vicente Fox and his Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Derbez.