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Rescued at sea by a Mexican ship, Cuban rafters “balseros” rest peacefully.

The funeral took place this afternoon in Mexico City.

MIAMI, FL., March 19th 2005 ( www.netforcuba.org   ) the Cuban Mexican Civic Association presided over by lawyer Eduardo Matías Lopez, the Web Site www.cubanosmex.com , headed by their director engineer Tony Corzo and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy represented by its president Eng. César L. Alarcón, were 3 of the organizations that met at the funeral of the 5 Cuban rafters laid out for viewing at the " Pompas fúnebres" in Mexico city, only 2 of which were present.

These bodies belonged to the rafters Lourdes Plasencia Fuentes, 41 years old and Eddier Tamayo of 30 years. Missing were Juan Manuel Alcala Pavón, Novadhit Garci'a Betancourt and Carlos Lopez Ávila, represented at the wake by photographs, because their bodies were never recovered from the wild waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The industrialist Camilo Plasencia, brother of Lourdes Plasencia, traveled to Mexico from Miami accompanied by other relatives and friends. Mr. Plasencia, not only saw to the expenses of the funeral for his sister, but also did it generously with the compatriot Eddier Tamayo.

When the Mexican authorities informed the Cuban government of the existence of these corpses, they did not respond; it was then that the Cuban Mexican Civic Association, the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy and the Web Site  www.cubanosmex.com,  asked the Mexican authorities for the bodies so that they could be viewed and buried with dignity.

The national and international press covered the funeral ceremony. Both corpses of the Cuban rafters, received all the proper honors and their coffins were draped with our Cuban flag. The funeral was carried out at 2pm in the Civil Pantheon San Lorenzo Tezonco, of the Tlahuac Delegation, in the Federal District.

The duo were sent on their way with a call of Touch of Silence, performed by the Cuban trumpet player Arturo Sandoval, which was followed by a few words from engineer Alarcón with a clear and forceful request to the international community regarding the treatment that Cuba gives to those that decide to leave the island and die on the outside: "You want proof in Geneva of what Castro and the members of his government are? Here you have it, watch these Cuban brothers wrapped in our national insignia, as they are buried in foreign land "

Members of the Cuban community in Mexico, present at the wake, provided condemnatory declarations towards the Cuban regime: "which proved that not only does not take responsibility for the Cubans that drift around the world today, but also for its dead."

Without doubt, the moment that most strongly moved all the Cubans and Mexicans present was when the Grammy honored Arturo Sandoval, skillfully interpreted passages of the Cuban National anthem.

Source: www.netforcuba.org
This information was provided to Net for Cuba International from Mexico City by the Engineer Cesar Alarcón, President of the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy.
Translated by: Eng. Andres Perez