"Working together for a free Cuba"




Cuban Human Rights organizations condemn the Cuban government.

Baltimore, Maryland. March 15, 2005. The Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy, the Mexican Cuban Civic Association and CubanosMex.com from this city send out an urgent call to the international community, and specially the international press to disclose the actual specific and concrete behavior of the present Cuban dictatorship regarding Human Rights.

The facts:

On January 26, 2005 the Mexican coastguard authorities in the area of Port Progress, Mérida, received a call from a Mexican fishing boat indicating that they had found two corpses tied to a small raft. The Mexican coastguard responded to the call and gathered the corpses. One of victims had identification on him and it was determined that they were Cubans. As is required by law in these cases the Mexican authorities officially informed the Cuban consular authorities and requested that they make the necessary arrangements to gather the corpses so that they could be given back to their relatives in Cuba.

The Cuban authorities continuing with their customary practice for over forty-six years opted not to respond officially and their ambassador in Mexico Jorge A. Bolaños Suárez declared that: "if they had left Cuba looking for freedom, the government of the United States was to blame for their deaths”.

We denounce to the world the cruel practice of the Cuban dictatorship, which uses only its Cuban embassies and consulates around the world to spy on, to intimidate and to impose excessive tariffs for any documentation needed by their citizens around the world.

The Cuban government cannot nor must it continue violating the norms of decency, Human Rights and protocol in other countries that all the international community respects and fulfills and which the Cuban government subscribes to but only accept the parts that are convenient for them and try to blackmail governments so that they do not have to comply with the others.

The Cuban government which does not fulfill nor respect the laws or minimal rights of its citizens in the island, must at least fulfill them in free and democratic countries where a corpse at least has the simple right of being respectfully laid to rest with dignity by their friends and relatives.

We officially ask all democratic governments of the world and specially Latin America and the Caribbean to demand from Cuban embassies that they comply with their international agreements related and well documented in this matter or otherwise, force them to close their embassies and leave their national territory.

The Cuban exile represented by the above mentioned organizations, by industrialists and by recognized artists, at this moment have taken possession of the corpses. We have notified their relatives. We have coordinated, as it should be done, for our brothers who searched for freedom, so that they at least in death receive worthy and respectful treatment and can have a last good bye from some of their relatives in exile and from the Cuban community that has come to learn to respect the values of the life and death.

It is a formal commitment and honor of our Cuban exile that these brothers will have their day of glory, they will receive as they deserve funeral honors, and at least will be buried with dignity in freedom, their ashes hoped to be scattered on a future Free Cuba where so many brave and Cuban potential do not have to escape and die.

The press, television and radio will receive suitably and with necessary time the place, date and time of the wake that for security reasons at the moment is not possible to make public.