"Working together for a free Cuba"




Cuban National Pledge


We, as Cubans in our own right and residents of the Island or abroad, solemnly pledge through the union of our will and endeavor to do whatever is within our reach to end the humiliating and ripping reality that our national community has lived for more than four decades. For over four decades, our community has been victimized by a despotic regime that has been supported by repression, pretext and demagogy, and one that also negates any possibility for a solution. In the context of this pledge and disregarding any sacrifices, we will make our rights worthy of a sovereign country. Such endeavors will proceed until the delineated objectives on this document have been obtained:


A. To put an end as soon as possible to the totalitarian government that has prevailed in Cuba for the last forty-six years and initiate an in-depth change process towards a representative democratic system that will include freedom of the press and, will avoid the risk of creating a new military regime, which damages our interests as a people and nation.

B. To arrange an agreement containing fundamental and universally accepted points in a representative democracy, and one that will respect its citizens and their initiative as human beings. After overcoming all political banners, such an agreement will allow the Cubans in the Island and the exile community to work together for the highest interests of Cuba and its people.

C. To denounce before international public opinion how the propaganda from the regime in Havana fabricates a military confrontation with the United States and the resulting “apocalyptic” end. This has been Fidel Castro’s pretext for justifying the continual imposition of a dynastic succession as a viable alternative, but this only camouflages the disastrous work of his government. Instead of a confrontation, Cuba needs to normalize its relations with the United States, the European Union and with all democratic countries as soon as the tyranny has ceased. Without good relations, it would be impossible to obtain the aid that we will need.

D. To maximally support all opposition groups inside the island, to enable them to increase their resistance capability, and at the same time, promote the development of a Civil Society as a precursor towards the movement of change. Also, to deliver to our brothers and sisters in the Island, by any means and possible routes, up to date and trustworthy information about the advantages of living under a democratic system; where the sovereignty of the people would be something more positive than a lie.

E. To promote the people’s alliance and Cuba’s military (the non-corrupt and without criminal background) as important instruments for a democracy, national reconciliation, and in changing the economy, society, and morality

F. To promote an international solidarity in favor of Cuba’s democratization, prioritizing freedom for all political prisoners and the observance of all consecrated rights contained in the Human Rights Universal Declaration. This also includes the right to labor contracting, which is being violated at the present time by investors who accept Castro’s governmental intermediaries and whom have been taking away a greater part of the Cuban workers’ salary. World governments should not guarantee or insure any investments that violate labor international conventions, but on the contrary, they must show solidarity with the violated rights of the Cuban workers.

To organize study and work groups, who, in conjunction with the Management Agreement Committee, will be responsible for the functional continuity of the Cuban National Pledge. Together, they will assure these objectives are met. The members of the Management Committee as well as the members of the other groups will make a gratuitous contribution