"Working together for a free Cuba"



M.C.U.D. President

                      Cesar L. Alarcon

Accomplished Electrical Engineer / Ardent Democracy & Human Rights Activist

              >Offering a strong engineering and mathematical background<
           >Collaborate with media, business, community and political leaders<
    >Strong advocate for human rights and the globalization of democratic values<

Visionary, challenge-driven, bilingual, successful, professional, leader in engineering, political, and human rights arenas. Natural and persuasive communicator recognized among colleagues for keen ability to energize and inspire individuals to work towards a common goal; excels in creating consensus among divergent groups.
Accomplished Engineer with more than 20 years of international experience in the electrical and telecommunication industry. Highly adept at initiating and nurturing high-level foreign relationships both industrial and political. Excellent team leader and player known for ability to train and motivate others.
Passionate educator presented classes at the university level, as well as featured speaker at international conferences, Lyon, Rotary clubs and other organizations and communities. Frequently received invitations to participate in special events supported by the White House ranging from receptions of Presidents of other countries to private dinners and receptions with the President of the United States. The Commission of the National Committee of the Republican Senate unanimously presented Dr. Cesar L. Alarcon with the “American Spirit Award” previously known as “The Medal of Freedom.”. This high distinction received by Dr. Alarcon has previously been given to recognized personalities such as ex- President Ronald Reagan, ex- British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Charlton Heston and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, among others, who are distinguished by maintaining a high commitment to preservative principles, individual freedom, constitutional freedom, limited role of the federal government, defense and security of the nation. Eng. Alarcon also received the invitation on behalf of The Commission of the National Committee of the Republican Senate to participate in the celebrated Republican National Convention in Minneapolis - Saint Paul in September of the 2008. Received a Doctorate Honorary Degree for his recognized work in Education and Democracy for his country and Latin America at the second Iberoamerican Congress for Quality in Education. The event was supported by more than 47 iberoamerican universities and institutions of higher education. Has completed postgraduate courses in Economy, Pedagogy and Philosophy.

                                   B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering
                                  University of Camagüey, Cuba
             University professor (High Technological Institute – Havana, Cuba)
                         University professor (University of Camagüey, Cuba)
                                  BS, Electrical Engineering (Equivalency)
                       International Education Research Foundation, USA
                                Who’s Who in Science and Engineering
                                             Who’s Who in America

                                          ACTIVISM LEADERSHIP ROLES

President of the Movement for a Unified Democracy - An organization constituted by a group of people who have decided to pursue their deep commitment by fighting for freedom and the restitution of laws and their enforcement in Cuba and other oppressed countries.

The M.C.U.D pleads for the substitution of the illegal system in place in Cuba since 1959 as well as those of other countries, that despite legal establishment continue to diminish individual freedoms and human rights.

The M.C.U.D’s work is oriented to cause the restitution of the democratic system of government and to plead for the total respect of the liberties and elemental rights, innate and inalienable of the human race.

To achieve these objectives, Mr. Alarcón altruistically travels through every country in Europe, some in South America, Mexico and Canada bringing the message of how important it is that the defense and maintenance of democracy and Human Rights is a high-priority mission for each government, institution, and country in their relationships with other governments. To this end, Mr. Alarcón has met with many politicians, academics, industrialists, artists and other personalities in those countries.

During the last eighteen years Mr. Alarcon has been involved intensely as an activist having rendered his support to groups defending human rights and democracy.

Mr. Alarcón has participated along side prestigious and recognized international activists in forums like the ones at Geneva and New York, at the headquarters of the United Nations where debates are held every year to decide which are the nations that commit violations of Human Rights presenting indisputable proof showing that nations like Cuba, China, and North Korea are constant violators.

In 2001, the president of the United States George W. Bush, personally invited Mr. Alarcon to be a Hispanic leader in the process to help North America be a better, stronger nation.

Mr. Alarcon belongs to the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle of the United States, a select group that represents an impressive cross -- section of American society --community leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, retirees, and sports and entertainment celebrities - all of whom hold a deep interest in our nation's prosperity and security

                                                  POLITICAL REFERENCES

“I would like your help once again to assist in making America a better country. By volunteering to join our team leader program, you will make a difference in the direction of this country. I am asking you to become a team leader…”

… “Thank you for all your hard work thus far. I look forward to working with you as a team leader.”

                                                                                          President George W. Bush.
                                                                                                                                          July 2001.

…”There are leaders and there are followers and you are a leader. You’ve proven it time and again by standing up for your nation and the Ronald Reagan inspired conservative principles and convictions you and I share”…
                                                                                                                  Senator Elizabeth Dole.
                                                                                                                                  January 2007.

                                              PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

As a profession, Mr. Alarcon excelled as a university professor as well as an engineer and consultant in the Electrical and Communication industries for various enterprises in Cuba, Mexico, and the USA.


                      Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE)
                              US Republican Presidential Task Force (RPTF)
                               US Republican Senatorial Inner Circle (RSIC)

                                 References: www.cubamcud.org

                          E-Mail Address: President@cubamcud.org