"Working together for a free Cuba"




Our struggle has not ended.
By Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez
Secretary General of Alpha-66

In just a few days, we will unfortunately commemorate the 46th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s arrival to power. The experiment of that diabolic creature, which the leader of the Sierra Maestra baptized with the name of "Revolution", it has cost to the Cuban nation a greater suffering than not other Latin America country has ever been forced to endure. From the fatidic date of January 1, 1959, the amount of political prisoners who have left the best of their lives in the jails and concentration camps, simply by its love to freedom, are really impressive. Tens of thousands of honest Cubans, that did not commit any other crime than to want a free, prosperous and happy Cuba, were assassinated with viciousness and cowardice in the firing walls. Other tens of thousands were forced to throw themselves, in a desperate exodus, to the stormy waters of the Straits of Florida. Some survived. Miraculously, they survived to describe their experience, to narrate their own agonies. Others, in much greater proportion, were diluted between the salt of a frustrated hope, the stirred up waves of the ocean and the famished crops of the sharks. And we are still rolling down the hill. Still, the merry-go-round of the Castro revolution continues to turn, destroying everything, and we haven’t been able to find an effective formula to stop it. But we must find it! We, those we want a solution without giving up and without shameful agreements with the enemy, must join all the forces, because freedom cannot be conquered on our knees but with the edge of the machete, with the incendiary tea of Máximo Gómez. We must fight; with the fists and the nails, with the teeth if that were necessary to be able to bury all the miseries that have been imposed on us. We must fight with the powerful weapons of honor and reason. To bury the agonies and the hopelessness in a deep, well deep grave, next to the mud, and the stench and the dung that compose the matter of the tyrant who leads that brutal and devastating experiment.

Almost 46 years have passed since they wove our blood with chains. Since they erased the sun of freedom from us and tied with bolts our illusions. Many were satisfied with just surviving, and accepted with resignation the humiliating formulas of the thoughtless observance of the capricious will of a tyrant, thinking perhaps that in facing an official policy of traps and lies, any method of survival was valid. Others, in a significantly inferior proportion but with a much more refined sense of the responsibility imposed to us by that moment, understood that more important that the preservation of the material values, more important inclusively than our own lives, is not to let ourselves to annihilate spiritually, because the destruction of the spirit makes us weak and affects our human condition. It puts at risk, in addition, the preservation of our dignity. Those valuable human beings, who represent the moral reserves of the Mother country, understood the message of José Martí when he said: “A man who is satisfied obeying unjust laws, and allows the men that mistreat that land in which he was born to step on it, is not an honest man.”
And they offered their lives in a heroic sacrifice or integrated the honorable legions of the Political Military prisons of Cuba. Others, that were forced to leave the country, have fought without truce from trenches of exile, without letting themselves dazzle by the lent freedom and the personal benefits that this great nation offers us.Our fight has not ended. This must be an overall conscience for Cubans, inside and outside the Island as we aspire to a system of government capable of providing us the enjoyment of each of the guarantees established in the Universal Letter of the Human Rights. A government where the reestablishment of the spiritual wounds, the respect to the democratic institutions and the happiness of the Cuban family are the angular stones of our new nation.